My New Toy and Lent Friday Idea

If you’ve been around here for a while you might remember my struggle to quit Barqs Root Beer.  I likened it to what I imagine it would be like to quit meth and Mama L wasn’t happy about the comparison.  But seriously it IS a b word to quit. 🙂

I have quit it though for Lent.  Not one drop since March 4th. 🙂

A few weeks ago I started trying out Sodastream flavors with club soda to see if I even liked them before investing in the actual machine.  I was impressed with the flavors I tried so I gave in a bought one…red of course. 🙂

So far I think it was great purchase.  I got the Source model.  It doesn’t use electricity or batteries.  It’s powered by the carbonater cartridge thingy.

It came with some different test flavors so I mixed some of em up…and made the fam taste test them.  We all liked the Cola and Dr. Pepper flavors (Dr. Pete).  I liked the Orange Crush flavor and the Ginger-ale.  That’s all I’ve made so far.

When I go to Dairy Queen I always get a Vanilla Dr. Pepper (or occasionally Vanilla Coke) so I picked up some vanilla at Williams Sonoma.  They had several Soda Syrups on sale so I got the Cream Soda.    I haven’t made it up into cream soda yet but I used it to vanilla the Cola and Dr Pete flavors and LOVED it.

Honestly…I never drink more than 1 soda a day…and usually it’s more like one every other day…but I really really want to get the high fructose out of my life.  It’s supposed to be so bad for people with autoimmune issues.  Hopefully the soda stream will finally help me do that.

I have a root beer sample to try…as soon as Lent is over.  Fingers crossed it can compete with my beloved Barqs. 🙂

My last Lent Friday idea…

Mahi ‘chalupas’.   I know some of y’all are gonna balk at the idea of cheese and fish.  Just ignore it and leave it off yours. 🙂

I had planned to have this with corn tortillas but didn’t have any fresh so I just heated up a taco shell broke it in half and ate it like a chalupa.  Yum. 🙂

This is going to be my last post ’til next Monday.  I’ve got a lot of Easter stuff to do.

Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate. 🙂

Whether you celebrate or not I hope y’all have a nice…peaceful weekend with those you love. 🙂

edited to say…I give up on the song of the day. 😦 I tried THIRTEEN different songs and none of them would play without the ‘this video is restricted from playback on certain sites’ message.  So ridiculous.


Just an FYI to anyone in my life contemplating getting in a car with me…this is my new ‘car song’. 😉



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