Easier to Quit Meth?

2013-08-06 00.40.43

That’s a pic of what was sadly I mean hopefully my last Root Beer for a while.  😦

I’ve written before about not demonizing / excluding any food from my life (except for gluten of course) but I think we can all agree Root Beer isn’t exactly ‘food’.   It’s not even really the sugar that I’m concerned with it’s all the chemicals.  I figure with two autoimmune diseases all the chemicals can’t be good.  SO I’m going to try to stop the sodas in drink form.  I’ll never stop making the Coke / Dr. Pepper cake.  🙂

Wish me luck.

6 responses to “Easier to Quit Meth?

      • That stinks it is one of the few that has caffeine. 😦
        Have you ever tried Advocare Spark? Google it and if you’re interested I can order you some for a discount. It is supposed to help when people are quitting sodas. The orange flavor tastes just like Tang! But fruit punch is my favorite.

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