I’m Jennifer a newly diagnosed celiac sufferer. I also have Lupus.  Thus the mishmash…Lup-iac…for the name of this blog.  Living with both is a challenge so I decided to start a blog. Isn’t that what everyone does? ;)

I plan to use this space to get my thoughts and food ideas out of my head and ‘out there’ where maybe others can relate. If nothing else this blog can serve as a nice little personal online recipe ‘box’ for the various things I try as I forge my way through my new life with eating restrictions.

Added – Dec 31 2013

Over the last 7 months the blog has taken a more defined shape.   It’s a fun little hobby blog where I share mostly gluten-free eats but also occasionally whatever else is on my mind.  I love what it’s become.  Part love letter to the ladies who taught me to cook.  Part silly stories.  Sometimes I type out recipes.  Other times it’s just pics of food or whatever else I feel like sharing.  It lets my out-of-town family and friends see what is going on here in rural route and I hope it also serves as a little bit of gluten-free food inspiration for those of you who stop by each day. 🙂

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  1. Hi Jennifer. I’m about to turn in but stumbled on you. I’m about to introduce this site to my Journey readers but here’s a preview, in light of your Celiac:

    You might want to chk out the pages on top, How to Eat and the Wonder Years.

    Blessings. My heart to yours.


    • Hi, Glyn. Thanks so much for the good wishes and for checking out the blog. 🙂

      I’m sorry you can’t have sugar either. It’s so unfair. I think if we already have to suffer from having to remove one food we should automatically be exempt from others. 🙂

  2. RRL, Glad to find your blog! I have lupus, too, and have a sister-in-law, niece and grandson that all have to eat gluten free to keep themselves healthy. You have a very nice start to your blog here, and I will look forward to following. I know where to come when I am looking for a gluten free recipe when these family members visit for a meal. Thanks. LA

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  4. Your blog is amazing and I would like to share with you an infographic to support Lupus Awareness month. It’s created by the company I work for – Handle My Health – and we would love to get your feedback and share with your followers if you like it:) Thank you. http://bit.ly/1kaXYZb

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