Whipped Butter Cookies

In my hundredth post  I told y’all I was waiting to get permission to share this recipe.  Instead of just updating that post I decided to do a dedicated recipe post.  If you’re missing Danish Butter Cookies you will love these.    🙂

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The weekend after Thanksgiving I told y’all how I look forward to Danish Butter Cookies every year…and asked y’all for any tips on recreating those Danish Butter cookies that used to only come in blue tins.

This being my first gluten-free Christmas and knowing I was going to have to make them myself I first turned to Martha.  Now y’all know Martha rarely fails me but her butter cookie…while good on it’s own…wasn’t even remotely close to those beloved Danish butter cookies.

gfandme told me about her family recipe and then was sweet enough to share it with me.  She said that they’d never tried to de-gluten it.  I’m honored that her family let me be the tester.  🙂

The recipe that follows is exactly as she sent it to me with my scaled down amounts in parentheses.  The full amount makes 5 dozen.

I made a 1/4 of the recipe and got 30 cookies using my smallest ice cream scoop.  For size reference the liners in the above pics are just regular size cupcake liners.

The only change I made to the ingredients was using Cup4Cup for the flour.

I whipped the dough for 10 minutes and baked them for about 13 minutes.

The cookies were light and airy and almost dissolved on the tongue.  They were so light I was kind of scared that once I put them in a storage tin and closed it that they might fall apart.

They DIDN”T.  🙂  They became even better.  Today they’re still very light and airy but they have a  ‘bite’ now and don’t just dissolve.

gfandme said she was going to share this post with her readers  so for anyone not familiar with my blog…I’m the only person in my life who has to eat gluten free.  But if the rest of the family wants to eat a homemade treat then they have to eat my gluten-free concoctions.  Everyone who tried these agreed with me…these are better than the blue tin.    🙂

Thanks again gfandme and gfandme’s Mom.   🙂

Whipped Butter Cookies

1 lb. of Butter (1 stick)

¼ cup Cornstarch (1 tbsp)

3 cups Flour (3/4 cup or 96g I used Cup4Cup)

1 cup Sugar (1/4 cup)

¼ tsp. Vanilla

Soften butter and cream well. Add other ingredients and

Beat on high speed for 10 to 15 minutes or until it

Reaches the consistency of whipped cream.

Bake in 350 degree oven on ungreased cookie sheet

For 12 to 15 minutes.
Yields 5 dozen

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  1. Reblogged this on gf and me and commented:
    This post is a little different than our usual. Rural Route Lupiac, who makes some fantastic things on her blog, was looking for a Danish Butter Cookie recipe. My mom Mary happens to have THE BEST recipe, but because she makes dozens and dozens of them (and Geoff prefers English shortbread) we had never adapted her recipe to gluten free flours. I sent the recipe to Rural Route Lupiac to try and it sounds like she had great success using Cup 4 Cup flour. If you are like us and can’t get Cup 4 Cup, Rural Route Lupiac also has a great copy cat flour recipe on her blog. Check it out!

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    • Hi, ladyredspecs. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂 I personally wouldn’t describe them as sandy. But when I think of sandy I think gritty. These cookies taste almost exactly like those Danish Butter cookies in a can but the bite isn’t as hard. These are more tender. When I say tender I don’t mean cake like at all. Letting them sit overnight was the key for the texture. That first night they were so light and had very little bite to them. After covering for the night they firmed up and you can definitely bite down on the now.

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