Thanksgiving Roundup

Before we move on to Christmas here…some pics and stuff from the last few days.

2013-11-28 14.22.06 2013-11-28 14.22.19

Cranberries and Gluten-Free Green Bean Casserole.  I made my mock Cream of Chicken base and added Velveeta.  Everyone else had regular fried onion strings and I made my own using an onion and some Cup4Cup.  They were really good.

2013-11-28 12.55.39 2013-11-28 14.30.16

More of these rolls.  Those are the risen rolls in the pic.  I forgot to take a pic of them before rising.

2013-11-28 15.09.12 2013-11-28 15.14.03

2013-11-28 15.13.49

I wish y’all could reach thru the screen and feel how soft and normal these feel.

2013-11-28 15.24.21 2013-11-28 19.56.47

My gluten-free plate.  Part of my mini pecan pie.

2013-11-29 16.16.512013-11-29 19.51.17

Rainy Day Casserole with left-over Thanksgiving meat.

2013-11-28 16.57.422013-11-29 16.23.54

2013-11-29 16.28.57 2013-11-29 16.35.58

2013-11-29 17.02.15 2013-11-29 17.02.19

2013-11-29 20.17.31 2013-11-29 20.15.54

I never touch Christmas foods or music until after the Thanksgiving meal.  If my whacked out body would give me the choice I wouldn’t touch the decorations until after the meal either but as my lupus fatigue and joint problems have gotten worse I have to spread the work out.

Every year the first Christmas treat I eat is a Danish Butter Cookie.  Seriously, this goes back to childhood when Mama L would buy the first can of them…back when they were only in blue cans.

Anticipating the sadness of not having that first butter cookie this year…I planned ahead.  Of course I asked Martha what I should do.  And by asked…I just looked at the website.  😉  I found a simple butter cookie recipe and had it chilling in the icebox so I could try it after the Thanksgiving meal.

It is very good for what it is.  But it’s not a Danish Butter Cookie.  😦

Do any of y’all know of a good tried and true version?  On the can it lists desiccated coconut as an ingredient.  What about that?  Do y’all know what that is?

Just so this is said…the can in the pic above is an empty and well washed can.  🙂

Book 1 Book 2 - Copy

Finally received this book.  🙂  So excited.  I’m already working on the ciabatta recipe.  It’ll be up sometime next week.  I told y’all last week how this new bread technique needs to rise in the icebox 12 hours and up to 5 days.  Well the ciabatta dough needs to rise longer than 12 hours so I’ll probably leave it in til Monday.

Hope y’all had a nice day with those you love and are having a sane first weekend of the holidays.  🙂

6 responses to “Thanksgiving Roundup

  1. I remember those blue tins of Danish Butter Cookies! My grandparents came to Canada from Denmark and we always have a few Danish traditions during the holidays. My mom makes the BEST Danish butter cookies. I will get the recipe and send it. Seems to me its pretty much just butter, sugar and flour whipped together. I know she’s gone through a few mixers making them!

  2. Thank you so much, gfandme. I totally understand though if she doesn’t want to share a family recipe with a total stranger. 🙂

    The ingredient that has me stumped is the desiccated coconut. I went thru at least 200 recipes online and only found one with coconut. It just said coconut not desiccated.

    The cookies in the tin really don’t have a coconut flavor but now I do wonder if that’s what gives them so much crunch.

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