Hodgepodge Hundredth + Giveaway

2013-12-12 22.16.41

Pretty new poinsettia.  🙂

2013-12-11 14.26.40 2013-12-11 15.10.22

2013-12-11 15.21.40 2013-12-11 15.27.28

Pizza I wrote about in the last post.   Delish.

2013-12-11 19.42.362013-12-12 22.16.22

Annual Christmas Toffee.   Cutest little ‘fire place’ heater.  No it doesn’t normally sit in the middle of the floor.  I moved it take a clear picture.  

2013-12-12 21.21.09 2013-12-12 21.20.17

2013-12-12 21.28.47 2013-12-12 21.34.23

2013-12-12 23.08.02 2013-12-12 23.08.07 

Ridiculously good butter cookie ‘tree’.  🙂  This is a scaled down version of gfandme’s family recipe.  I don’t know if I can share it or not.  I’ll update when I make sure.  If you read my butter cookie recipe plea let me tell y’all…my search is over.  These are better than the canned ones.  They were light and airy and almost melted in the mouth.


Happy Birthday this weekend to Sister Lupiac…love you and hope you have the best weekend.  🙂  Mama L picked this pic to scan.  🙂


This is my 100th post.

When I started the blog I really didn’t know a thing about blogging. I’d read blogs for a while but I wasn’t sure exactly what form I wanted my own to take.

I knew I’d share my eats but I also wanted it to be more than just pics and recipes.

For the most part it is pics and recipes but I also started writing a little bit too.

Along the way the blog took on a shape of its own. Not only a gluten-free food share but also a love letter to the ladies who taught me to cook…my Meme and Mema.  Plus Cristina and Martha of course. 😉

I wanna take a second to add this here too.  I’m sure you’ve guessed this but Mama Lupiac doesn’t like to cook.  Even though I learned to cook from the hands of the best…I wouldn’t be an 1/8 of the cook I am if not for Mama L’s encouragement.  From the second I showed an interest in cooking she handed me the bowls and spoons and said ‘have it’.  She’s the very best and no love letter here would ever be complete without an homage to her.  🙂

Thank you so very much to each and every one of you who has taken the time to look…read…comment…email…and / or share. There are millions of blogs to choose from and from the bottom of my heart I thank you for making mine a stop in your day.  🙂

To celebrate 100 I’m going to do a little giveaway.

The Kindle version of this bread book I’ve been raving about for weeks.

Book 1

Giveaway details are at the end of the post.

Hope y’all have a great weekend.  Stay warm and sane if you’re hittin’ the stores for some shopping.  🙂

Me too, Kenny.  Me too.  😉

All the important giveaway mumbo jumbo…

To enter..leave a comment telling me what you like about the blog. Or your favorite post. Or just anything you’d like to share about the blog. The comments from this post will be combined with every comment from the first 99 posts and I will use a random number generator to pick the winner.

I’ll have to approve each comment before it shows up. I don’t usually check the blog before 5pm (sometimes later) each day so don’t worry if your comment isn’t showing up right away.

I’ll email the winner the gift code from Amazon. If you don’t have a Kindle you can download the PC version for free. I can’t speak to any tablet other than my own but I don’t own a Kindle. I downloaded the free Kindle ap for my Samsung tablet and it works perfectly.  So does the one for PC.

The giveaway will close at 11:59 pm Tuesday night December 17th.

I’ll notify the winner via email.

This giveaway is mine and mine alone and is not sponsored in any way.

Thanks again for reading.  🙂

7 responses to “Hodgepodge Hundredth + Giveaway

  1. What a wonderful post! I love reading your blog every day and even though I’m your sister and maybe a little biased, I think you’re awesome!! Thanks for birthday shout out too! I love you and really appreciate it! I love the pic you posted and might have to share it on Facebook. 🙂 P.S. I don’t have to be entered into the contest, just wanted to comment anyway!

  2. The cookies look fantastic! Again – so glad you like them and PLEASE share the recipe! Mom will be so thrilled! And happy 100th post – how exciting is that. What I like about your site is your honesty – you say what you think, your humour, and of course, your recipes! Thanks for sharing the last 100 and here’s to 100 more!

    • Yes it’s absolutely OK with me. 🙂 Since it’s a family recipe I just didn’t want to post it without making sure it was ok with you (and your Mom). 🙂 I’ll do a dedicated post for it and set it to post tomorrow or Sunday.

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