Catching Up

Hey, y’all. 🙂

I took a little break from thinking about the blog for the last week.

I’ve had a couple dr appointments over the last 2 weeks.

First the good news…we’re still sailing along with our no sugar / no acid eating plan.  We both had our annual…refill all the meds…appointments a couple weeks ago.  Since we started eating like this we’ve lost a combined 25 pounds…which wasn’t our goal but it’s a nice side  benefit.  Mama L is off all of her ‘asthma’ meds now since this has clearly proven she never had asthma to begin with.

The bad news?…I’m now officially anemic. 😦

She put me on iron (and even mentioned the dreaded ‘I’ word…infusions). 😦  I also got a new cast iron skillet and am cooking all of my meat in it.  I’m not cut out for the cast iron life.  Cleaning that thing is really a pain but it’s supposed to help so I’ll keep doing it.  But man I miss my fav T-fal non stick skillet.

About a month ago I went to an eye specialist in the Woodlands (it’s about an hour and fifty minutes from here).  Side thought…if anyone is reading this in the Woodlands…what is the deal with y’all’s store signs?  Many of them are ground level instead higher up where you can see them.  Super annoying when you’re not familiar with an area.

Anyway I went to the dr to look into getting Ortho – K contact lenses.  They’re lenses that you sleep in and they give you the same type of results as Lasik (which I can’t get because of the lupus).  Turns out I wasn’t a candidate for Ortho – K either but this dr does other special custom made regular contacts called scleral lenses.   They’re a lot bigger than soft contacts and you fill them with saline before inserting the.   I got fitted for a pair and it took 3 weeks for them to come in.  Went and picked them up last week.  When I can actually get them in they are amazing.  Because of the size and filling them with liquid that has to stay in them…can’t let it spill out…I’m still struggling with getting them in though and with the feel of the the right eye.

Something fun I made…

Savory ‘pop tarts’. 🙂  These were so good.  I took my grandma’s basic biscuit recipe and added half a block of softened cream cheese.  Chilled it overnight then the next day rolled part of it out flat…divided it into equal pieces and filled with hamburger / cheese / spices.  Sealed and baked for about 20 minutes on 350*.

With the rest of the dough I made…

Biscuits that baked up just like regular biscuits.  Flaky and fluffy.  And…

Chicken and dumplings.  One of my favorite winter foods Mama L makes is chicken and dumplings.  She makes them with canned biscuits and the first time she made them this past winter I seriously cried because I couldn’t have them.  I tried making up a different biscuit recipe and using that but it was a huge disaster so I gave up and resigned myself to never having them again.  Those dumplings just completely dissolved in the broth.  These worked perfectly.  They held their shape and had the most amazing mouth feel.  I”m a summer girl so I’m not looking forward to cold air anytime soon…but when it comes these are first up on the menu. 🙂

Fellow blogers…I haven’t abandoned you.  🙂  It’s just that it’s so tempting looking at all the good stuff y’all are creating.  We really want to make it 2 full months before I start reintroducing weekly baking / treats on a regular basis.  A couple more weeks to go.  🙂

That’s about all from here.  Hope y’all are all well and cool. 🙂



9 responses to “Catching Up

    • Hey, ELW. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂 I can’t believe these words are going to leave me lips (or finger tips) but I totally agree. After getting thru those first 2 weeks…no sugar has been amazing.

      • I know! I did get a bit of a rash on my face, I think I was detoxing. You don’t know how addicted you are to sugar till you give it up. I did have some 90% pure cocoa squares a couple of times I think only because I was working in Rome and one of my friends there brought it in for me but don’t miss sugar at all!

  1. I know what you mean about tempting! What I see on wordpress always makes me hungry. Might be a good thing I have little extra time or I’d be really, really over weight 🙂 I’m sure you already know this, but just in case: did you season your cast iron pan? Makes it much easier to keep clean.

    • Hi, gfandme. 🙂 The skillet came pre-seasoned. It cooks steak fine but hamburger sticks like crazy. The instructions say to wipe it down with oil after each use (I’m using lard because that’s what my Meme always used in hers) and it will get better with each use so I guess I just have to give it time.

  2. Sorry to hear you haven’t been feeling well. It seems odd that you should be anemic after taking to a healthier lifestyle. Did you doctor explain how that came about? (Sorry, I’m pretty ignorant about anemia.)

    • Hey, Cteavin. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂 I’ve been struggling with my iron for about a year now. It’s very common for people with lupus to have low iron so it’s definitely a side problem from that. Thanks for asking. 🙂

  3. Those look delicious! I hope the iron cast pan helps your anemia, but it sounds like a pain to clean on a regular basis. I wish I could give you some of my iron, then we would both have normal levels. 🙂

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