Blog Changes

Hey, Y’all.  Sorry for the delay in posting this week.

Fair warning…this is wordy. 🙂

The blog is going to change a little bit…ok a lot…for a little while or maybe longer.

Mama Lupiac told me it’s ok to share this here.

Since last June I’ve taken her to her regular Dr five times. To an ENT twice. To a pulmonary Dr. twice. To an allergist twice. Plus she’s had a throat scope / x-rays / breathing tests / a full workup of allergy testing and will have a thyroid scan next week.

She’s had a cough for a solid YEAR now. Removing the allergens after allergy testing helped some but the cough still remains. She’s been treated for a virus / GERD / asthma and allergies.  She’s lost countless hours of sleep.

Last week she was watching an episode of Dr. Oz. Believe me I know what some of y’all are thinking. I think it the majority of the time when she starts a sentence with ‘On Dr. Oz today…”. This time though I think he may have been helpful.

He had an ENT on the show who wrote this book…Killing Me Softly From Inside.

I downloaded the book and finished it in a day.

He was describing her last year to a ‘T’.

I’ll spare y’all the gory deets but the gist of his book is that something called throat reflux is greatly misdiagnosed as GERD and / or asthma.

He prescribes his patients meds but says that to truly fix the problem you have to change your diet to eliminate acidic foods til the throat heals. Acidic based on the ph scale.

She wanted to give it a try and I’m doing it with her. She was so supportive of my celiac food changes…I’m the cook in the house…and I’d be the worst daughter in the world if I didn’t support her food needs in return.

The way this relates to the blog is that along with acidic foods we also have to eliminate sugar and most processed foods (since most have some sort of acidic based preservative).

We’re not following his diet from the book because it’s too diet-y as in restrictive with everything not just the ph levels.  We’re using the information and guidelines from the book along with the ph values for food found on the FDA site. I want to say that again so I don’t get any email about this…we’re using the numbers found on the FDA site not other books or random internet sites. The latter numbers vary way too much.

For the first month he say not to eat anything under a 5 on the ph scale unless it’s ‘buffered’ with a higher ph food. For example…blueberries are acidic but ‘healthy’ so you can have blueberries if you buffer it with almond milk (like in a shake) or with almond butter on toast. We’re using a 70% alkaline to 30% acid ratio. After the first month you can try adding anything over 4 on the ph scale.

I’m eliminating everything she is but I’m still going to eat things like salsa and bbq sauce. I’ve already had to give up so much with the celiac…I can’t give up some of my favorite flavors too when I don’t really need to. And she never eats salsa or the bbq sauce I like anyway so it’s not like it would temp her.

Of course everything I make will still be gluten – free just not sweet. Hold me…I’m scared. 😉

Removing sugar…obviously I’m going to lose a large chunk of content here so I might also start to blog about other stuff besides food. I’m going to just let it naturally flow and see where we end up here.

I’m still going to make gluten – free bread and I got this new pullman pan.

2014-06-02 14.12.54

2014-06-02 14.18.20

2014-06-02 14.28.14

2014-06-02 15.39.48

2014-06-03 00.21.27

Up First …egg, ham and cheese toast.

2014-06-04 00.36.29

2014-06-04 00.36.37

2014-06-04 00.40.59

I used the hot dog bun recipe – minus the ascorbic acid. It turned out really well.   This was also my first successful full size loaf of gluten – free bread.  I’ve made plenty of mini pans but this is the first full size that didn’t sink, shrink or crisp on the outside but stay raw on the inside.

I like the pan a lot.  It kinda forces the dough to rise / bake in a uniform shape.  Definitely a keeper. 🙂

If you made it this far…thanks so much for reading. 🙂


15 responses to “Blog Changes

  1. Best wishes with all that’s ahead! This bread looks amazing and I love that pan! This ph thing sounds like it might have something to it! I have awful acid reflux all the time…to the point where food just burns going down sometimes…

    • Thanks so much Joanna. 🙂 That’s one of my moms symptoms too. She never really has heart burn in the chest. It’s only in the throat. I plan to update the blog with our progress and experiences with the ph plan…and the book was an easy read if you ever want to check it out.

  2. You’re so awesome for doing this with Mom. I know it’ll be hard, but I also know y’all will do great. Love you!

  3. Best wishes to your mom. Hope the diet helps (it always amazes me how what we eat can affect us). Like Kaila, I look forward to what you cook up.

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    • Thanks so much, Glyn. 🙂 We’re into our second week now and each day gets a little easier. I was looking at it as something I was doing for my Mom but now I’ve started to think about how it will help me too.

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