Homemade Cake Mix

Before I get started with todays post I have to do a couple shout-outs to friends and fam…


Remind you of anything, Sister Lupiac? 😉

I had to covertly snap this and this was all I could get but this dude and 4 of his ‘bros’ were in Walmart with baskets full of nothing but beer and water.  Every single time I see something like this I have flashbacks to SAMS and a flat trolley thing full of beer. 😉

2014-05-28 14.45.18

2014-05-28 14.46.51

My friends C, T and K went to Hawaii and sent me this care package.  Thank you so very much, my-extended-family-I-would-have-picked-if-you-got-to-pick-your-extended-fam. 😉

If you’ve read here for a while you’ve noticed that I cook exclusively with butter, Macadamia oil, peanut oil for frying and coconut oil if I know I’m the only one who will be eating it (we have a coconut allergy in the house).

Butter / peanut and coconut oil are easy to find.  Macadamia oil not so much.  I have to get it at Whole Foods when I’m in a larger town and it’s not what I consider cheap. That’s why you see a lot of mixing here.  Most often half butter and half mac oil.

If you’ve read here for a while you also know I’ll do some serious damage to / with Pele’s Fire. 😉

Thank y’all again so much for the care package. 🙂

Oh also I must add…the eye cream was something Aloha Oils threw in as a little gift.  While I may have the gray hair of a 75 year old woman…I do not have one eye wrinkle. 🙂

Ok now to todays post. 🙂

2014-05-17 19.30.34

This is one of my new toys from my shopping trip a couple weeks ago.

Before the house remodel I had a full size Kitchen Aid food processor and literally used it maybe once a year.  It just took up valuable counter space so we got rid of it after the remodel.

Well now that I have to make…like…everything…from scratch I occasionally need a food processor.  I didn’t want another huge one though and found this 4 cup KitchenAid at the Kitchen Store in the outlet mall.

2014-05-18 19.59.28

Up first…homemade ‘cake mix’…

2014-05-23 20.57.02

…to make a Key Lime Rum cake. 🙂

2014-05-23 21.10.10

2014-05-23 21.12.36

2014-05-23 22.22.33

2014-05-24 15.53.57

I know…I know.  I’ve made several rum cakes here before and I can assure you there will be many more 😉 but this was hands down the best one yet.

My homemade cake mix is adapted from this recipe which she found here.  I’m in no way claiming this as ‘mine’ mine.  I just use the word my here as it relates to a recipe I made and am now sharing on my blog. 🙂

The original recipe says that the full recipe makes the equivalent of one box mix.  I didn’t find that to be true with my flour (and in the comments of both original posts quite a few other people noted this as well).  So my changes were…

  • Treated the full recipe as the equivalent of 2 boxes.
  • Cup4Cup in place of the flour.
  • I left out the liquid vanilla.
  • And I halved the butter because I think gluten – free flour benefits from some melted butter or liquid oil in the batter.  Plus I looked at a real cake mix and 1/2 stick of butter (per box) seemed to mimic the pre mixed fat content.  You end up with the same amount of fat in the end product.  The original recipe just added it all to the flour mixture and I halved it like a real cake mix.  Half in the dry ‘box’ mixture and half in the batter.
  • I also added pudding mix to mimic a ‘pudding in the mix’ box mix.  I would have done this anyway because the rum cake calls for a box of pudding.  But it worked so well I will add it to the cake mix recipe from now on.  I’ll change it up depending on the flavor of the cake.  Chocolate pudding for chocolate cake.  Lemon pudding for a citrus based cake.  Butterscotch for spice cake.  Etc.

This ‘cake mix’ looked like cake mix.  It acted like cake mix.  It tasted like cake mix.  Only better because it’s…well it’s gluten – free of course…but it’s also soy…preservative and unpronounceable junk free. 🙂

My new small mixer can only handle half the mix (or one ‘box’) at a time but that’s fine since the whole point is to mix up a few batches at a time and throw them in the icebox or freezer so they give you the convenience of regular cake mix.  I don’t mind having to do several half batches at a time then not having to mess with it again for a few months.

I put mine in the freezer and let me give y’all a heads up…the butter will freeze and you’ll have hard little lumps of it stuck together.  You’ll think…this chick is crazy there’s no way this is going to work.  Oh ye of little faith. 🙂  As you can see in the mixing bowl pic above…the lumps completely beat out during the mixing phase.

Even during my pre gluten – free days pretty much the only thing I ever used a box cake mix for was rum cake.  I’ve always made most of my cakes from scratch.  But every now and then I’ll come across a recipe that calls for a cake mix and I’m so happy to finally have a gluten – free replacement with flours I like and that to me truly mimics a real cake mix. 🙂

Try it with your favorite flour blends / fav oil or butter combos.  And for those who don’t do dairy…I think all the milk powder does is add moisture.  If you have to leave it out you can always try to create the moisture with the finished cake.  The rum soaking sauce in my cake added plenty of moisture.  With a buttercream type icing…you can ice your cake and leave it covered for 24 hours before slicing to seal in moisture.

I highly recommend the cake mix recipe…and the food processor.

2014-05-29 15.15.13

Today I used it to mix up a batch of tortilla dough.

It’s just so perfect for smaller spaces and for people like me who only use a processor every now and then (and who don’t mind working in smaller batches).

Hope y’all have a great weekend. 🙂


Homemade Cake Mix

2 cups Sugar

3 cups Flour  (I used Cup4Cup)

1/2 cup Dry Milk

1 tbsp Baking Powder

1 tsp Salt

1 stick chunked up cold Butter

Optional…add a small box of pudding.


Place all ingredients into a food processor and pulse the heck out of it until you have a very very fine sand like mixture.


Makes equivalent of two boxes cake mix.

I use a scale and my total mixture weighed 2 lbs 2 oz…or 17 oz per ‘box’.


To make cake

1/2 of the Cake mixture from above

(for me that was 17 oz…should be around 3 cups)

1 cup Water

(or liquid mixture…for the rum cake I did 1/2 cup water and 1/2 cup rum)

1/2 cup melted and cooled Butter

(or oil or combination…for the rum cake I did 1/4 cup melted butter and 1/4 cup macadamia oil)

2 Eggs

(additional if recipe calls for it…for rum cake I used 4 eggs)


Place all ingredients in mixing bowl.  (Important note if you’re making the rum cake and didn’t add pudding to the cake mix base…add a box of vanilla pudding here .) 

Mix on medium – high for 2 minutes.

Poor into greased pan and bake at 350* for varying times depending on pan size.

The rum cake in the Bundt pan took about 40 minutes.  Smaller pans and cup cakes will take less time.

Know your oven and see the original recipe for some time guidelines.  🙂


Drizzling Sauce for the Rum Cake 

1 stick Butter 

1 cup Sugar

1/4 cup Water 

1/2 cup Rum

Heat butter, sugar and water on medium heat til the sugar melts and then thickens a little bit.  5 – 8 minutes.

Remove from heat and stir in rum.  Slowly so it doesn’t rise up over the pan.

Let cool for a few minutes then slowly drizzle over cake.


5 responses to “Homemade Cake Mix

  1. HaHaHa! I love it!! That was a funny day and we appreciated you helping us SO much! (That was A LOT of beer “we” bought that day!) You’re the best! The cake looks amazing. What a sweet and thoughtful gift from your friends too. 🙂 Love ya! Have a great day!

  2. Looks delicious! I have the same food processor for the summer. I haven’t used it yet since I JUST got to Colorado, but I hope to use it as much as my big one back home. 🙂

  3. Cake mix looks great! I used to have a little kitchen aid. I replaced it with the big one and I miss it dearly. It did such a great job on small batches of things.

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