Just Call Me the Cookie Queen ;)

I’m saving up my cooking energy for the weekend so I haven’t been very creative in the kitchen this week.  I did want to share these with y’all.

2014-05-18 18.48.09

Cookie dough shaped and chilled for hours…ready to go.

2014-05-18 18.58.52

2014-05-19 01.02.28

With this pic I wanted y’all to see how these made the perfect cookie crinkle.  The were crispy around the edges and on the bottom but chewy everywhere you see a crinkle.

2014-05-19 01.03.41

This cookie recipe from the New York Times has been floating around…well everywhere…for a while.  Inspired by Nicole’s post the other day I decided to try it too.

What makes these unique is that you use a mix of cake flour and bread flour.

Even gluten – free these are totally deserving of all the hoopla they’ve gotten in the blog world. 🙂  But they haven’t replaced my go-to from a couple weeks ago. 🙂

I used the original recipe and just subbed Cup4Cup for the cake flour and the bread flour blend for the bread flour.  Plus I browned the butter.  After these I just don’t think I’ll ever be able to make cookies again without brown butter. 🙂

I used Cup4Cup because it’s my favorite flour but also because it already has a high corn starch percentage.  If you don’t have access to C4C…in Nicole’s recipe I linked above she breaks down the components for gluten – free cake flour in the ingredients.  She also has the recipe for the gluten – free bread flour.  Her version of the recipe is also scaled down to make a smaller amount.

Anyway…if you’ve seen these around for a while and were wondering if they were worth it…oh they are. 🙂







12 responses to “Just Call Me the Cookie Queen ;)

  1. These look absolutely delicious. And, the browned butter seems to be a go-to trick. I’m excited to see what you cook up this weekend as well. 🙂

      • I must admit my last 4 treats were not blogworthy, but attempt #4 of beer bread was edible. Fingers crossed that we’re close. And, best of luck in your kitchen! I bet they’ll be some blogworthy posts, and if not, we’ll have an amazing blooper reel! 🙂

      • Fingers crossed and all sorts of good kitchen vibes for you, Kaila. 🙂

        Keep trying because the more you practice the easier it gets. I know it’s harder with gluten – free ingredients since they’re more expensive but one thing I do is make half or even a forth of a recipe the first time. That way if it’s not great I’m only out a little bit of flour and other ingredients.

      • Thanks for the tip! Your advice is MUCH cheaper than my current method- bake something I know I like between each batch of new recipes. 😀

    • I’m in very good company then. 🙂

      You can get the cup4cup at Williams Sonoma and some Whole Foods. I was surprised to see it in HEB the other day. HEB is a Texas grocery store chain so it must be making it into more grocery stores now too.

      I order it online since I need so much of it. Vitacost has great sales on it every few months plus member email coupon codes so I stock up then.

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