Look What I Made, Y’all

Hot Dog Buns. 🙂

2014-05-18 19.11.36

2014-05-16 20.12.31

So last week I refreshed my Spice House stash and just had to make a batch of chili with the HOT chili powder and Spanish paprika.

2014-05-17 19.30.42

Chili powder / cumin / paprika / beef broth base / salt / pepper / onion and garlic powder.

2014-05-17 19.45.46

2014-05-16 20.18.21

New bun pan.

Apparently New England style hot dog buns are a ‘thing’.  I’d never heard of them but when looking for something else I saw this pan and had to check it out.

Then I did some research and found out these squared off buns are a New England treasure.  From the Boston Globe

Nothing says New England summer better than a split-top hot dog roll, buttered and toasted, its crusty exterior the perfect bed for hot dogs, of course, but better yet, creamy lobster salad or fried clams. Long associated with fish shacks, backyard barbecues, and Fenway Park, this iconic staple got its start during the post-World War II boom of automobile travel and the growth of America’s first franchised restaurant chain: Howard Johnson’s.


2014-05-18 14.58.01

I took the Hawaiian dough from last week and made one change…recipe at the end of post. 

I figured that the main thing in pineapple is citric acid so for this batch I left out the pineapple juice and instead added 1/4 tsp of ascorbic acid.

It was a HUGE success.

For this style of bun you put the dough in the pan and let it rise…

2014-05-18 15.01.00

…then you place a baking sheet on top and weigh it down with something heavy like a cast iron skillet.   You do this to keep the dough from rising higher than the edge of the pan and also so the rolls will be uniform.

2014-05-18 15.37.20

2014-05-18 15.45.42

When you take the dough out of the pan…the bottom becomes the top.

The shape looks like little hills so the way I taught myself to cut them was to  ‘slice 3/4 the way down the hills and all the way down the valleys’.  Silly…I know.  But when researching these rolls people seemed to be having trouble figuring out how to cut them.

2014-05-18 16.37.15

Buttered and pan toasted.

2014-05-18 16.43.40

2014-05-18 16.45.43

Try to ignore all the junk in the background.  I wanted to take a quick pic of the bottom so y’all could see how well they held up to all the fixin’s.  I was still able pick these up even after I added the chili.

2014-05-18 16.48.56

I wish y’all could reach thru the screen and feel how soft these are. 🙂

Couldn’t have been happier with them. I’m going to make some more this weekend to use with chopped bbq brisket.  And I definitely want to try it with a seafood…maybe crab or shrimp…salad this summer.


Did y’all have a good weekend?  I went on a kitchen shopping spree and got some new toys. 🙂 I’ll share them as I have a chance to use them in stuff for the blog.



Bun Roll Dough

3 cups (375g) Bread Flour

2 tsp Yeast

4 tbsp Sugar

1 tsp Salt

6 tbsp Dry Milk Powder (I use Peak)

1/4 tsp Ascorbic Acid

1 1/4 cups warm Water

4 tbsp melted Butter

1/2 cup Water Roux


Combine flour, yeast, sugar, salt, and milk powder.  Stir to combine.

Dissolve ascorbic in water.

Make a flour well and add water/ascorbic, butter and water roux.

Kneed on medium high speed for 5 minutes.

Icebox overnight.

Spread in pan.  Let rise til almost to the top of pan.

Cover pan with a baking sheet and place a heavy oven safe pan on top.

Bake at 350* for about 20 minutes.

Let cool completely before slicing.


8 responses to “Look What I Made, Y’all

  1. You are so talented ! These look delicious! Can’t wait to try them. I’m sure mom and dad were loving them!!! Love you 🙂

  2. I am soooo going to get one of those pans! This is awesome!!! The gf dough looks fantastic too. Going to have to mix up a batch of the bread flour soon. Had a great weekend – except for the odd bit of rain here and there. Hope you had a good one.

    • Thanks, gfandme. 🙂 The pan really is a good investment piece. If you slice all the way through each one (instead of stopping 3/4 of the way like with buns) you will have 20 pieces that I think will be perfect for garlic bread ‘sticks’ or cinnamon toast sticks or french toast sticks and probably plenty of other things too. (I thought twice before ordering it because I didn’t know if I wanted to spend the money on something I could only use for one thing. Turns out it looks like it has other uses.)

  3. I’d say “Please Come to Boston,” but I’m leaving next week! And the fall is our best season (not the spring) as a heads up. 🙂 Love the spice blend and I cannot wait to see your new kitchen gadgets!

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