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Kaila at GF Life 24 / 7 tagged me for this Heart of My Blog exercise.  Kaila is a recent college grad…who prior to her celiac diagnosis didn’t have a cooking background. I’m really enjoying watching her throw herself into cooking / baking.  You can see her kitchen confidence grow with each post.  Instead of wallowing or just settling for pre packaged convenience foods she’s turning herself into a home chef. 🙂


Who / what encouraged you to start blogging? 

I’d been reading blogs for a long time but had never really been motivated to start my own.  Then I got this celiac diagnosis and knew I was going to have to completely change my cooking ingredients and techniques.   I thought a blog would be a good way to share my own experiences with all the changes and to also interact with other gluten – free cooks.

My Mom encouraged me to blog.  She said I was a good writer and cook and that it was a natural fit.


How did you choose what to blog about?   

I didn’t really have to choose.  Once I had the celiac topic forced on me it was a no brainer.  It’s actually turned out to be a huge blessing.  Blogging forced me stop wallowing and get in the kitchen to create content for my posts.  I decided to mishmash lupus and celiac into ‘lupiac’ because I’m dealing with both every single day.  The blog turned out to be much more celiac focused because the lupus stuff is just too depressing to write about.  But I have and will continue to write about lupus when I have something interesting to say.


What is something most people don’t know about you?

I did a Five Things about you post here before so I’m just going to link to that.


Three words that describe your style / blog?  

Humorous.  I didn’t start the blog with the intent of it being funny but family and readers keep telling me my stories and side comments are funny.

Inspiring.  I hope the recipes and techniques I share here inspire you to take them and use them to make your own version of whatever I’m blogging about.  In no way do I think my way is the best or the only way.  It’s simply the best way for ME.  I hope it inspires you to take the information and do the same for YOU. 🙂

Casual.   This isn’t a professional blog.  I free flow posts all the time.   I write the way I speak which isn’t always with perfect grammar…and I hate commas. 😉   I want this place to feel like you’re in my kitchen not my classroom. But I do wish I could give y’all better pics here.  Part of it is because I don’t have a nice blogging camera…yet…but a bigger part of it is that I have hand stability problems due to all the lupus joint problems and inflammation.  It’s very hard for me to hold the camera steady.  When you’re trying to get something in the oven  or on the table you don’t usually have the time to take a 100 pics trying to get the best one.  I do what I can and hope it gives y’all a good idea what I’m trying to share. 🙂


I’m not going to say I’m tagging these bloggers in case they don’t want to be tagged but these are five wordpress blogs I enjoy.  If they want to play along that would great but if not that’s cool too. 🙂 I decided to go with a mix of blogs since those of us on the gluten – free side of the blog world tend to already read all the same gluten – free blogs.

gfandme has been reading my blog since pretty much the beginning.  She’s a huge support and I look forward to reading her comments.  She blogs her gluten – free recipes and unlike yours truly…she takes beautiful pics.  Her rustic bread recipe saved me in my early gluten – free days and I will be forever thankful. 🙂

Gallivance is a blog by Terri and James.  High school sweethearts and world travelers.  They share their travel thru pics and stories.

ELW Essence (Milly) is another blog I’m drawn to for the travel aspect.  She writes about her travels and fashion and beauty and even being gluten – free.

Charlotte Hoather is an opera singer from England.  She’s super sweet and I love it when she stops by here.  If you read my five things post above then you know I adore all things from across the pond.  She blogs about her performances and posts sound from them as well.  Reading her blog gives you a glimpse into the opera world…which was something I wasn’t familiar with at all prior to checking out her blog.

Made by you and I is a food blog.  (Not gluten – free just cooking food in general.)  He makes all sorts of food and takes amazing pics too.  He shares the same philosophy as I do about cooking being something that is personal and without a singular ‘right’ way.  He hasn’t updated the blog in a few weeks but scroll thru the blog and he has a lot of recipes. Plenty of them in the healthy category.

Thanks, Kaila for tagging me.  It was nice to think back to my early days of blogging and to see how far I’ve come (I’m coming up on a year). 🙂








5 responses to “Blog Your Heart Out

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  2. Thank you so much for the kind words and participating! It was great to learn more about you. And, I actually sent a picture of the first paragraph to my mom, but I told her that I didn’t pay you… that’s our secret! 🙂

    I follow a few of those blogs, but I’m excited to go check them all out, especially Gallivance. I hadn’t run across your five things post before either! You’re a girl after my own heart being a football manager, and your follow through is amazing. When I was 7, I was convinced that I was going to be the first female GM of the Red Sox. Clearly, I didn’t go down that route.

    Congrats on your (almost) year GF! I missed mine back in January, just completely forgot… oops! But I did celebrate my first normal (celiac) blood work, which was after the year mark. Can’t wait to keep following you, I always learn so much and always leave hungry or inspired.

    P.S: I love all the smilies! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • No payment necessary, Kaila. 🙂 It’s fun watching your progress. I bet your Mom is so proud of you. 🙂

      I’m not a huge baseball fan but I do always pull for Boston. Actually I pull for all the Boston sports teams (when they aren’t playing teams I love). Although Tom Brady is testing my limits lately with all his crazy hair and fashion choices. 😉

      Thanks for all the smilies too. 🙂 (and for reading that old post)

  3. Thanks for such kind words and for the tag. It makes blogging so much more worthwhile knowing gfandme is actually connecting with someone. And thanks for this post – as Kaila says, it’s nice to learn more about you. I will try to do the exercise when I get a chance to think about my responses. Right now is the start of gardening season here and I have a whole bunch of things to get in the ground now that the snow is gone!

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