Weekend Eats and Hawaiian Style Rolls

A quick blog note before I get started on the post.  If you tried to email me last week (starting on May 5th)…or to contact me thru the blog contact page…I didn’t get it.  Last month we switched internet providers and I had until this past Monday before I lost my old email address that was linked to the blog.  With the remodel and everything I forgot to update it in wordpress and didn’t realize that until this weekend.  It’s updated to the new address now and I’m so sorry if you reached out and got a bounced email.

This weekend I made…

2014-05-09 13.10.55

Chicken fried steak.

2014-05-09 16.00.43

Prune kolaches or KOH-lahch as my Mema sometimes called them. 🙂

2014-05-11 01.02.18

Red velvet birthday cake.

2014-05-09 19.16.57

And these rolls.

I made the rolls for Papa L’s birthday / Mama L’s Mother’s Day meal.  Served them with a chicken fried steak meal.

They’re adapted from this recipe from the bread book.

There’s nothing wrong with the original recipe at all but I cook because I love the creating and experimenting process and I want food to taste like I want it to taste.  Everyone who cooks wants that.  Otherwise we’d just go buy some cookie cutter prepackaged version and be done with it.

I can’t use 140g / cup of flour in my baking.  It makes everything turn out far too dry for my taste.  Hawaiian rolls as I know them don’t have a vanilla flavor.  I also have learned that I really really do not like the taste of eggs in gluten – free bread so I use a water roux to replace them in pretty much all of my bread now.

So anyway…in no way was I trying to create a ‘better’ roll…these were just some little tweaks to make them fit my taste buds. 🙂

Last week I shared my new go-to cookie.  These might be my new go-to rolls. 🙂

After the icebox rise you truly can’t taste the pineapple in them at all…no one in my house could anyway…so they work with any meal.

I used the bread flour blend but if you wanted to try these with a traditional gluten free flour blend I would use the same measurements plus 2 additional tbsp water and add an egg.  With traditional gluten – free flour you probably wouldn’t be able to handle the dough the same way you can with the bread flour blend so you’d need to just spoon the dough into the pan.  I haven’t tried making them this way but if I wanted to try making them with a traditional flour blend…a little extra water and an egg is where I’d start.

2014-05-09 20.27.44


2014-05-09 13.57.55

When I need dough to rise quickly I do the microwave thing where you boil some water for 5 minutes then put the dough in and close the door.  It works great but the problem with that is…’out of sight out of mind’.  I got busy with the rest of the meal and forgot about these.  They way over rose causing them to fall when baking and to look like little mushroom rolls.

2014-05-09 16.08.32

Kinda cute in smurf-y kinda way. Crispy top…super soft bottom.

2014-05-10 20.54.55

I had some left over dough so the next day I made a few normal shaped rolls.

Capture - Copy

Real Kings Hawaiian rolls and…

2014-05-10 20.26.14

…the rolls I made. 🙂

Super soft…perfect ‘chew’…delicious.  I’ve already got another batch in the icebox to make hamburger shaped buns.

Seriously…I wish y’all could feel how soft these are. 🙂 They were just screaming ‘butter me, butter me‘. And I don’t know about y’all but I always listen to my rolls. 😉

Happy Motown Monday. 🙂



Hawaiian Style Rolls

1 1/2 cups (188g) Bread Flour

1 tsp Yeast

2 tbsp Sugar

1/2 tsp Salt

3 tbsp Dry Milk Powder (I use Peak)

1 heaping tbsp frozen Pineapple Juice Concentrate*

1/2 cup hot Water

2 tbsp soft room temp Butter

1/4 cup Water Roux

Melted Butter for brushing



Combine flour, yeast, sugar, salt, milk powder.  Stir to combine.

Dissolve pineapple in water then make a flour well and add pineapple water, butter and water roux.

Kneed on medium – high speed for 4 minutes.

Icebox rise overnight.

Shape and let rise til doubled.

Bake at 350*.

In my oven…

The muffin tin rolls only took about 8 minutes.

The regular sized rolls took about 15 (but they were baked in mini individual bread pans so if you packed them into a larger pan it would probably take a little bit longer.)

This amount of dough will make 2 mini muffin pans or about 8 regular sized rolls.

*We don’t drink pineapple juice and it would just go to waste if I bought cans of it.  That’s why I use the frozen concentrate.  Frozen it has a really long expiration date so I can just scoop out what I need and then back in the freezer til the next time I need some.

5 responses to “Weekend Eats and Hawaiian Style Rolls

  1. “I cook because I love the creating and experimenting process” – love it and it’s so true. I always learn so much from your blog – especially when it comes to gf bread. These look and sound fantastic!

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