How’s it Going, Granny Clampet?

If you’ve been reading here for a while you know I have terrible lung function.  The slightest perfume or strong fragrance will send me into a horrible asthma attack.  Because of that I use unscented products…which are often hard to come by.  It seems like everything has to have a gallon of perfume in it.  Really people…do you think you smell that bad?

So…I decided to try to make my own unscented liquid hand soap…using a bar of soap / some water and glycerin.  Recipe at the end of post.

I used this unscented goats milk soap.

Two bars of grated soap.

Water brought to a boil.

Grated soap added to boiling water and stirred til dissolved.

It gets all sudsy and then settles down as it cools.


Overnight it sets up kind of jelly like.  See where I made a finger indention?

New immersion blender.  The pic doesn’t show the true color.  It’s 50’s diner blue and was part of something called the Americana Series.

Looks all sudsy as you’re blending the ‘jelly’…

…but smooths out once it’s all blended.



I was very impressed with this and I LOVE the goats milk soap.

Mama L walked thru the kitchen as I was making this and asked ‘How’s it going, Granny Clampet?’…thus the post title. 🙂   Anyone not familiar with The Beverly Hillbillies…Granny C used to brew up her goats milk soap out by the mansion pool.

Side thought…if any of Mama L’s side of the fam is reading this…do y’all remember when we’d stay with Meme in the summer when she had that big quilting frame hanging from the ceiling?  We’d play under that thing all day long…like it was a tent…while watching The Hillbillies / The Munsters / Adams Fam and Father Knows Best reruns on TBS / WGN.  Every time I see those shows today I think about playing under that quilting frame…watching old black and white tv while she quilted.   Some of my favorite non-cooking memories. 🙂  

Anyway back to the soap…it turned out I didn’t need the glycerin.  My bar of soap already had a good amount of glycerin and adding additional made the test batch too oily.  If you can handle it you can add essential oils to this.  Tea Tree oil is recommended for it’s antibacterial properties.

With the gallon of water and two bars of soap I was able to make a gallon of hand soap for around $2.75.

If you’ve ever had to purchase unscented body products you know what an amazing deal that is.

Cost aside…I loved this and will keep making it as long as I can find the soap. 🙂

Have a nice weekend. 🙂 


Liquid Hand Soap

1 Gallon Water

2 (5 oz) bars of Soap

2 tbsp Glycerin (use ONLY if your soap doesn’t already contain it)



Bring water to a boil.

Grate soap.

Add grated soap to boiling water and stir til dissolved.  Move it off the burner once the grated soap stops clumping.

If using glycerin or scents…add them now.

Let mixture come to room temp and then cover and let sit overnight or until it completely sets up.

Use a hand mixer or immersion blender to blend to a smooth liquid.

Pour into bottle(s) and store in a cool area of your house.

Every soap will react differently…depending on it’s ingredients…but the texture of this soap produced a liquid that is kind of like Aveeno Body Wash.  It’s thick and kind of goop-y but I’ve got it in a mason jar with a pump and it pumps out perfectly.  So it’s not too thick to pump.


2 responses to “How’s it Going, Granny Clampet?

  1. What a great idea! We too have scent allergies in the family and trying to find unscented liquid soap is next to impossible. They looked at me like I was from another planet when I asked if they had any at Bath and Body Works!

    • Oh I know…Bath and Body is the worst. I can’t even walk by it in the mall.

      So far the homemade liquid soap is working really well. I did have to thin it out a little bit but overall it’s a keeper.

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