Brioche Dough ~ w/ Regular GF Flours


I got this book for Christmas and I really like it a lot.  It’s where the Crockpot bread came from.

As a guide I’ve been using the regular recipes in it…with the gluten-free bread flour blend recipe from this book.

It’s working great.  I like the Bread in 5 method because I find the baked bread to be a lot lighter / softer.

Even though I’ve been using the regular recipes…the book also has a gluten–free chapter.

Since I’ve been using the bread flour blend exclusively the last few months…and many of you can’t get your hands on some of the ingredients…I decided to try one of the gluten-free recipes using standard gluten–free flour.  As always…recipe at the end of the post.

I chose the gluten–free brioche on page 286 because it’s the closest to the dough I’ve been playing around with…most recently used in the Parker House Pull Apart rolls.

The idea behind Bread in 5 is that you make up around 4 pounds of dough at a time and then bake from it all week.

I’ve been making half batches of dough but since I was just experimenting with this brioche dough I made a fourth of the recipe.

It wasn’t bad at all.   In fact Mama L asked me to make her some more.  She doesn’t have to eat gluten–free but she is eating gluten–free now about 80 % of the time.  She says this is her favorite dough so far.  She likes super super soft stuff.

Now I have to add here that I’ve gotten so used to the bread flour blend that I found this baked dough a little too soft and chewy but for something old school gluten–free flour based…it was pretty good. 🙂    

It’s a wet dough that starts out looking like this…

But firms up after a night in the icebox.

I was able to roll it.

It was able to stand up like the pull apart dough.

It made nice little round / hamburger type buns.

Also note the lack of rolling flour in the pics.  For all of my bread I’ve been just using oil sprayed Saran and sprayed hands / rolling pin.  It’s working SO much better and the baked dough isn’t dry or heavy.  Plus there’s no mess. 🙂  

Anyway…I decided to share this incase y’all want to play around with it.  I will definitely keep making this for Mama L…and let me know what you think if you give it a try.  But send your complaints to Bread in 5 if ya don’t love it. 😉 

Gluten-Free Brioche Dough from Bread in 5

Amounts on the left make around 2 pounds of dough.  Amounts in ( ) make 1 pound.

3/4 cup or 110g White Rice Flour       (6 tbsp or 55g)

2 cups or 256g    Tapioca Starch          (1 cup or 128g)

up to 1/2 cup Sugar                                   (I used 2 tbsp)

1 tbsp Yeast                                                 (1 1/2 tsp)

1/2 tbsp Salt                                                (I used 1 tsp)

1 tbsp Xanthan Gum                               (1 1/2 tsp)

1 1/4 cup lukewarm Water                       (I used 2/3 cup)

2 Eggs                                                           (1 egg)

1/2 cup Oil or melted Butter                  (1/4 cup…I used butter)

Plus Vanilla if you’re making a sweet dough.

Legally I can’t share their directions here but what I do…which differs from their method but works best for me…is that I…

  •         combine all the dry ingredients
  •         make a flour well and add all the liquids
  •         mix well with my Danish dough whisk
  •        transfer to a larger proofing bowl
  •        either let rise on the counter for a couple hours then put in the icebox overnight or just put it straight in the icebox overnight or up to 5 days

In the book they say that if the lumpy looking dough bothers you to use an electric stand mixer for a minute or so to get rid of the lumps.

The lumps don’t really bother me for day to day stuff but I’ve done it both ways…used the dough whisk and my hand mixer with the dough hooks just to combine it all and make it smooth.  I used the mixer for the pull apart dough since I was serving it as part of a special meal.

Left…smooth balls of dough that had been mixed with the hand mixer.  Right…less smooth balls of dough from dough mixed with the whisk.

Also on the Bread in 5 website people have written in the comment areas saying they’ve tried gluten-free blends in the various gluten-free recipes in the book with success.  So if you don’t have individual flours and have a favorite standard blend you might still give it a try. 🙂  I think they did specifically say though that any blend with bean flour will not work in their recipes…so skip the bean flour. 🙂

11 responses to “Brioche Dough ~ w/ Regular GF Flours

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you …. Although I don’t know about “old school” 🙂 I have everything I need to make this AND I really like the idea of baking it as needed. GF breads never seem to last long.

  2. I made this on Wednesday night and baked up some buns yesterday. They were fantastic. I see what you mean about chewy, but they aren’t gummy. Geoff described them as “egg-y,” like a cruller. Anyway, I’d like to post a review of them on my site tomorrow with a link to your recipe. Will definitely be making these again!

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  6. This recipe does not say what temperature, if you grease the loaf pan or how many loaves and the temperature of the oven. How do you know when Its baked.. I’d love to try for my dear friend please help..I’ve been unable to find a moist uncrumbly, not dry loaf of bread to bake her..thank you

  7. Hi, Kathryn. I’m sorry I forgot to put time / temp on this recipe. I didn’t make a loaf with this recipe but the book says for an 8 1/2 – 4 inch bread pan (1 pound loaf) to bake at 350 degrees for 40 – 45 minutes. gfandme also made this recipe and she posted a nice up close picture of a sliced piece. You might want to check it out too. Here’s her link

    To tell when it’s done you can tap the loaf and listen as you tap. When it’s done it will sound hallow. Also when you touch the top it will feel firm to the touch. No jiggles.

    Also…a HUGE thing when making any kind of loaf bread…remove it from the oven and let it cool completely (a good solid 30 – 40 minutes depending on the temp of your room) before you slice it. Hope this helps. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

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