Happy St. Patrick’s Day

OK, y’all so with the exception of Ballykissangelwhich I just binged watched the entire series for probably the twentieth time… I’m not really that into Irish stuff…or foods or drink.

I’d found a few Irish recipes and thought about trying them for the blog but I just couldn’t get inspired…SO this really isn’t anything Irish…but it is green. 😉

It is one of my favorite party punches.  It’s nice for spring too.  You can add fruit / alcohol or both.

This weekend we had it plain.

Lime Sherbet.  Sprite (or Ginger Ale).  Pour Sprite over sherbet.  Let soften.  Add any fruit / alcohol you like.  Rum for ‘nice’ punch?  Tequila for a ‘wild’? 😉

There isn’t a specific amount of liquid.  It’s up to you.  Use more for a thinner drink and less for a thicker consistency.  But as a guide…

1 liter of Sprite / Ginger Ale per gallon of sherbet.


We had ours with BBQ sandwiches.

It was brisket so let’s just play like it was Texas corned beef. 😉

Speaking of Ginger Ale…cheap / lazy ‘soda stream’. 🙂  Club Soda and Soda Stream mix.

I wanted to try out the Soda Stream flavors before investing in the whole contraption.  This works so well I’m just going to keep using the flavors without the machine.

Hope y’all had a nice weekend. 🙂



2 responses to “Happy St. Patrick’s Day

  1. Thanks for the tip about the soda stream! I’ve been thinking of getting one too. And I will be remembering the sherbert and ginger ale when the temperature gets above 0. 🙂

    • Thanks as always for reading, gfandme. 🙂

      I just couldn’t imaging investing in a soda stream without testing out the flavors first. This was a perfect way to try it out.

      We’ve had nice spring weather the last few days and I’m wanting citrus everything after months of cinnamon everything. 🙂

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