Happy Birthday, Mama Lupiac

I don’t have any pics or recipes today…if you want to skip the family stuff. 🙂

Today is Mama Lupiac’s birthday. 🙂   She said the wedding picture is the only pic of her I can use on the blog and since it is her birthday I won’t even try to slip one in today.

I’ve written about her here…and here and here. 

To me she’s just simply the very best Mom in the world. 🙂

My most favorite memory of time spent together with her…just the two of us…was something we used to do every summer. 

Y’all know how much I love music.  Before the lupus took over my body I used to go to a lot of concerts…all great memories but none as great as George Strait. 

From the early 80’s to the mid 90’s he held his annual team roping event and concert in Kingsville, TX.  It was a very small venue and was ‘first come first served’.  No reserved seating.  People would start lining up early in the morning for the 8 pm concert. 

Every summer we would go camp out with the other crazies.  Now remember…this is summertime in South Texas we’re talking about.  Super-hot.  Humid beyond words.  Zero wind.  By the time you got inside many hours later you’d made a bunch of new friends 😉 and were a sweaty mess. 

Still those were some of the best days (and concerts) of my life. 🙂

Mama L loves George a lot but truth be told she would have been perfectly happy just watching concert videos at home.  Still she got up at the crack of dawn and sat out in the hot humid air all day long because I asked her to and I don’t know if she’ll ever truly know how much those days spent together…just the two of us…meant to me. 🙂 

Happy Birthday, Mama L.   Thanks for sitting out in the heat for me…for taking care of me and all this dumb health h3ll…and for the million other things you do for us.  I can speak for us all when I say we’d be absolutely lost without you.  I love you. 🙂  

A couple weeks ago one of my friends asked me to tell her my favorite George song.  Weeks later I still can’t decide on just one.  I asked Mama L hers and before I could even get thru George in “What’s your favorite George song?” she replied “Marina del Rey”. 🙂 


3 responses to “Happy Birthday, Mama Lupiac

  1. SUch a great post about our wonderful and amazing mom! I love you all and wish I could be there today. Give her a hug and a kiss from me and I’ll call y’all later. Love you 🙂

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