New Toys and Eats

2014-01-01 15.08.04 2014-01-01 14.24.55

New kitchen toy number one…for Christmas I got this pizza stone..which I broke in with this pizza

2014-01-06 13.08.06 2014-01-06 13.12.52

That second pic is a quick shot of the bottom just to show how perfectly it browned / crisped.

2014-01-06 13.15.27 2014-01-06 13.15.43

2014-01-06 13.26.55 2014-01-06 13.44.30

2014-01-06 13.44.56 2014-01-06 13.59.08

I LOVE the stone.  Not just for pizza.  I leave it in the oven all the time and so far it’s been great for helping keep the oven an even temp.  I included the last pic so y’all can see how the dough ‘crinkled’ under the sauce just like ‘real’ gluten dough.

2014-01-06 00.13.24 2014-01-04 15.10.00

Kitchen toy number two…this Danish dough whisk which I broke in with some ice box dough.

Some recent eats…

2014-01-01 14.24.50 2014-01-01 14.38.29

Mama Lupiac’s New Year’s day pork chops, mashed potatoes and black-eyed peas.  She cooked them all with Cup4Cup and no one knew the difference.

2014-01-02 19.33.52 2014-01-02 19.33.41

Pot of chili.  Bowl of Frito Pie.

2014-01-02 21.21.32 2014-01-05 00.34.25

Oatmeal scotchies.  Cookies and milk.

2014-01-04 16.00.56 2014-01-04 16.05.53

Pot Roast.  Plus some Cheddar Bay’s.

b1 b2

Loaf of bread from the bread book.  Look at that rise. 🙂

2014-01-06 14.07.03

Some new Whole Food buys.  I’m taking this Cod Liver Oil daily now.  I’d also always wanted to try this Blood Orange soda.  It’s pretty good.

My posting schedule is a little off this week.  I have to take on a trip to the out of town Dr plus packing up all of the Christmas stuff and taking it back to storage.  Next week should be back to normal. 🙂

I’ll leave y’all with this sad news…a potential Velveeta shortage. 😉

Stay safe and warm. 🙂


4 responses to “New Toys and Eats

  1. Love all your new toys!! That’s awesome about the pork chops and no one knowing too! 🙂 Talk to y’all later today. Love you. 🙂

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