Panettone and Candied Orange

Happy New Year.  Hope y’all had a safe New Year’s Eve. 🙂

I know a lot of bloggers are doing resolution posts today but I’m not a resolutions kind of girl.  If I want to do something…I just do it rather than waiting for a date on the calendar.

I do have a few goal type things…like to keep creating the gluten-free foods I CAN eat instead of being sad over those I can’t eat.  I’m going to work on my book plus…one other thing that I’m not ready to share yet but will likely take a good chunk of the year to finish and that I’ll blog about as it takes shape.

None of those are resolutions in the New Year sense though…so on with todays post. 🙂

2013-12-30 15.24.32 2013-12-30 15.06.15

First…the gratuitous / requisite blogg-y winter boot shot. 😉 For a day or two at least…the temp here in rural route Tejas made them actually functional in addition to fashionable. 🙂

panettone 1

Do you say the end of panettone as TONE or tone-eh?  Usually I defer to Cristina on most things Italian.  She says ‘tone-eh’.   But I’ve heard Giada and Fabio Viviani (who was born and raised in Italy)  both call it panetTONE.   Rachael Ray does TONE too but I don’t defer to her for anything. 😉

I love love love it either way.  It wasn’t always available in South Texas and definitely not in rural route but over the last few years Walmart has been carrying it at Christmas and Easter.  Of course it’s a no-no from the store now with the whole no gluten thing.

SO…for the first time I had to attempt making my own.  I used the recipe from the bread book but instead of currants I used raisins and candied orange.

My favorite panettone has always been one with candied orange.  A few days before I planned to make the dough I also made candied orange for the first time.

2013-12-28 19.54.23 2013-12-28 20.02.31

Boiling the peel to soften.  Drained.

2013-12-28 20.05.09 2013-12-28 20.06.35

Made a simple sugar syrup.  Added orange peel and reduced to simmer.

2013-12-28 20.06.35 2013-12-28 20.10.06

Simmered for an hour.

2013-12-28 20.41.54 2013-12-28 20.56.07

Sugaring ‘station’.  Dropped the orange in sugar.  Coated it and placed on drying rack overnight.

It was unbelievably good.  I can’t wait to make some candied lime when the seasons change to spring / summer.

2013-12-29 15.58.522013-12-30 13.45.25

Overnight rise.  The book doesn’t say to do this but I wasn’t ready to bake it right away so I threw it in the icebox and baked the next day.

2013-12-30 13.47.24

Glorious glorious dough. 🙂

2013-12-30 13.54.08 2013-12-30 14.22.03

panettone 1 panettone 2

2013-12-30 20.55.36

Baked. Rested.  And sliced into fourths for French toast sticks the next day.

2013-12-31 19.20.00 2013-12-31 19.31.07

2013-12-31 19.31.10 2013-12-31 19.45.32

Devoured. 🙂

The New Year’s Day meal is the one family meal that I don’t cook.  I do make the bread but Mama Lupiac always fries pork chops.  Plus the usual fixin’s…mashed potatoes…gravy…black-eyed peas…some kind of green for everyone else…etc.  So that’s how I’ll be spending New Years Day.  Hope yours is off to a great start. 🙂



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