Seven Layer Cookies

aka…Dolcini Tre Colori…aka Rainbow Cookies


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Prior to 2005 here in rural route if we wanted a Panatone we had to either make it from scratch or order it.   I used to order it from a bakery in NYC.  That’s all I ever ordered from them but every year around Christmas time they’d send me one of their catalogs.  Every year they’d have a pretty picture of a box of their seven layer cookies on the cover.  And every year I’d tell myself to order them the next year.  I never did.

I never made them either.

This year I thought it would make a fun gluten-free project.

For those not familiar with these cookies they’re traditionally red / white and green to symbolize the Italian flag.  And the chocolate is regular chocolate not white.   When searching for a recipe for something else I came across this blog with a different take on them…red / green and blue with white chocolate.  It inspired me to do just red and green with white chocolate for Christmas.

I used her recipe.  Cut it down in size by approximately a forth (and still ended up with layers too thick).  Subbed Cup4Cup for the flour.

They weren’t hard to make at all.  Just a lot of waiting for things to bake / chill and / or set up.


One tip?  If you use Ghirardelli White Chocolate Melting chips for your coating…DON’T try to do the butter / cream ‘ganache’ in the recipe.  The chips melted beautifully alone but when mixed with the butter / cream it was just a sludge-y mess.

I don’t know if I’d make these again…they are pretty but for me they look a whole lot better than they taste.  They weren’t sweet enough and the texture wasn’t what I was expecting it to be. But I really really enjoyed the process and it was fun to try something new…especially this time of year.  🙂



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