Gooey Three Chocolate “Batter” Bites

Since everyone is getting into the holiday cookie baking mood this will be the first of four (but not in a row) holiday cookie posts.

2013-12-04 09.52.10

2013-12-04 09.48.51 2013-12-04 09.52.10

Wet / Dry ingredients.  Plus chopped chocolate, cherries and pecans.

2013-12-04 09.54.53 2013-12-04 10.06.35

Note…if you make these and your ‘dough’ isn’t glossy like the pic on the left…beat it some more…PRIOR to mixing in the chunks / cherries / nuts.  🙂

2013-12-04 10.35.54 2013-12-04 10.42.59

2013-12-05 00.16.16

These are super rich and delicious.  🙂  They’re like perfectly portion controlled cherry brownie batter bites.

I used this recipe from Food Network.

I subbed Cup4Cup for the flour.

Used candied cherries instead of dried cherries.

Also used chopped up Hershey dots for the chocolate chunks.

And added some broken up pecan pieces.

I read a lot of the reviews for this recipe before trying it and there were a lot of complaints about the dough being too thin but as you can see in the above pic of the dough on the pan prior to baking…it wasn’t runny at all for me.  I don’t know if they didn’t beat the batter long enough (after adding the eggs) or what but I had no problems with running.

These are so super rich even I would probably only make them for very special occasions but they’re definitely a keeper here in rural route.  🙂

I was in sixth grade when this record came out and all these years later Papa L always makes us stop and be quiet while he sings it to Mama L.   So sweet.  🙂 


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