Why Hello There, Dough Hook

It’s been awhile.  🙂  Hope you’ve been keeping up your strength because I have a feeling you’re going to be getting a lot of action soon.   🙂


So earlier in the week I decided to try this recipe from this soon to be released book by this blogger.

As always for a new recipe..I halved the recipe for the first try. 

Also I can’t share the recipe here since it’s from an unpublished book so you’ll need to click on the first link above.  Mel, the blogger who got to test this recipe used the correct pan…so hers are the correct shape.. and she also cooked hers longer.  In my house we don’t eat any bread over a medium to dark gold shade in color.  That’s just a personal preference and it’s why mine is not dark like hers.  🙂

This book is supposed to revolutionize gluten-free dough making.  From my single try here…I have to say I believe it will.  🙂

2 3

This is ‘real’ dough, y’all.  LOOK at how it moves around the bowl / dough hook picking up all the flour around the bowl just like ‘real’ flour.

4 5

It’s also a cold rising dough.  At least 12 hours in the icebox.

6 7


This is a soft / stretchy dough.  Nowhere in the instructions does it say to dimple the dough but I did it for this pic just to show how soft…but also sturdy this dough is.

9 10

11 12

This series of pics is to show how you can handle this dough…as opposed to old school cake batter like gluten-free dough.  It’s still a soft wetter dough compared to traditional dough though.  You have to be gentle with it and you can’t do a hard ‘knead’ at all but you can actually handle it.  🙂

Since I needed two hands Papa Lupiac helped me out and played photog for these four pics…sorry about the blur…he’s not used to taking the pics.  🙂  Not that mine are ever much better.  😉

13 14

Since I halved the recipe I didn’t have a round pan that would hold 6 rolls.   So I just used 3 mini bread pans.  Also the imperfections on top were from the egg wash / brush.  I only have a silicon brush and it kept snagging on the dough.

15 16

Yes, I got out the good china again.  😉


Tried to get an up-close pic of the inside of the dough.  My horrible photo skills combined with the tablet photo doesn’t do this dough justice.  It’s soft and chewy.  Even better…it doesn’t  crumble to pieces when you try to spread something on it.

18 20

I made a mini ham and cheese roll.

3 - Copy

Hook pic again.  Arrows…see how the dough is stretchy enough to wrap and lift up around the hook?  I still can’t believe it.

I’ve written about this before but I baked my first loaf of bread when I was 9 years old.  I remember it like it was yesterday.  I made my first batch of kolaches in 5th grade for ‘heritage day’ show and tell.  When I say I made them…I mean just that.  I did everything…measuring…mixing…kneading…shaping…everything except work the oven.   Mema and Mama Lupiac handled the heat.  They also supervised me of course.   

Kneading dough was always therapeutic for me.  The feel…the smell…everything.  Sometimes I think the process of actually making the dough was better than eating it.  Even after I got alto-Janylvia I would still do some of the kneading by hand after she mixed it all up for a few minutes.  For any new readers…I named my beloved Kitchen-Aid…and occasionally have conversations with her.  We did decide that’s totally sane, right?  😉 

Anyway being able to handle this dough was definitely one of the best things since my diagnosis from h3ll.

I’ve never actually had a Hawaiian roll so I had no idea what they should taste like.  This recipe has pineapple juice in it but the finished rolls didn’t have a pineapple flavor at all.  Maybe the yeast ate it all or maybe it’s a delayed flavor or something but I used Dole pineapple juice and couldn’t taste it at all.

I used my flour blend for the flour part of the bread flour blend and I also used this brand of modified tapioca starch in place of the expandex…as the expandex is sold out everywhere.


This product is stronger than expandex so I used half the amount.  Since I have no idea what the dough was supposed to look like I don’t know if this got close or not but it definitely produced a beautiful stretchy and chewy dough.

Nicole is doing some giveaways related to the book so check it out.

I can’t wait to see the whole book.

Hope y’all are having a great week.  🙂

Tried to find a song about bread for todays song but a song by Bread will have to do.  Sorry for the ear worm.  😉 


4 responses to “Why Hello There, Dough Hook

    • Thanks, gfandme. 🙂 I’m so excited to get the book and see what the dough is supposed to look like…see how close I got to it with the substitute modified tapioca.

      There were several people from Canada in her comment section saying they were having trouble finding it too.

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