Inspirational Thursday :)

Tomorrow will be back to ‘normal’ around here but today we’re going to roll with something a little more meaningful than gluten-free treats and my ridiculously eclectic taste in music.  🙂

I don’t usually blog on Thursday but a reader contacted me and asked if I’d be interested in sharing this video.  At first I wasn’t sure since it doesn’t have anything to do with lupus / celiac or gluten-free cooking…but after watching it and reading a little bit about Heather I think her message of hope can resonate with both lupus and celiac patients.

Heather was diagnosed with mesothelioma (from second hand asbestos exposure) three months after her daughter was born.  She was given 15 months to live.  Her daughter is now 8.  🙂  She’s not looking for money or donations or anything like that.  She simply wants to raise awareness.

Her message is “With hope, the odds don’t matter”.

I think that’s one we can all embrace.  🙂

Have a look if you need a little inspiration today and best wishes to Heather and her beautiful family.  🙂

This is the link to her site if you’d like to read more about her diagnosis and triumph.  🙂

One response to “Inspirational Thursday :)

  1. Thanks for spreading the word about asbestos. One of Geoff’s first jobs in the early 80’s was stuccoing houses. He used to add asbestos to the stucco mix by the handful. Asbestosis is something that’s always in the backs of our minds.

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