Donuts and Social Commentary

First…I give you donuts.  🙂

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I followed what I assumed was a basic donut recipe hoping for a fluffy / yeasty donut.  What I got was more like a cross between a cake and yeast donut.  Looking back over the recipe…based on the flour / liquid ratio…I think that’s what they were actually supposed to be.  They were pretty good taste wise (or maybe it’d just been so long since I’d had anything resembling a donut) but I didn’t like the texture enough to recommend anyone else try them.  They did give me hope though that I can make a tasty gluten-free donut.  I’ll definitely be trying again to end up with a more fluffy end result (and some better pics) to share.  🙂

Now…I don’t usually stray from food here but something happened over the weekend that really bothered me and since this is my personal blog and I decide what is or isn’t allowed here…there’s no more appropriate place for it.  If you’re not into words or child advocacy you’ll probably want to stop here.  🙂

Let me preface this by saying that my Bachelors is in Early Childhood.  One of my Masters is in Instructional Technology and my Masters project focused on creating / writing a developmentally appropriate technology curriculum for K – 2nd grade.  I am a huge child advocate.

This weekend I went to a youth football game {edited this portion to remove identifying information.  Basic gist was I went to a youth football game where several younger children (including one I know personally) were having to play against older larger children.}

Sports organizations are so worried about a potential lawsuit (if a larger child were to unintentionally hurt a smaller child) but where is the concern for the emotional side of things?

(Let’s also put aside the fact that the 4th graders absolutely DWARFED the 2nd graders.  If I’d had my phone and it was legally allowed I would post a picture of the size disparity.  There were at least four 4th graders with at least 30 pounds on a couple of the smaller boys.  How is that not a potential lawsuit?)

Getting beat up by a 4th grader week after week is at the very least as emotionally demoralizing as a hard hit is physically.

What is wrong with the rule making adults who can’t understand this?  Stop worrying so much about wins and losses and spend a little time worrying about the long-lasting emotional damage you’re doing to the little ones of this world.  I’m so sick and tired of people ignoring this.  We protect little ones from physical abuse…it’s way past time to spend as much time / energy and money on the emotional side of development.

Lest anyone think I’m just mad because {edited to read: because I know one of the children involved} well I don’t even know the name of the smallest child on the field and he’s the one who actually inspired this ‘rant’.  Play after play a (comparative) giant hit this small child and you could see another little piece of his joy / passion die with each play.  And I was…quietly…losing my ever lovin’ mind a little more each time.

If you read this far…thanks for indulging me today.  🙂

Let’s get back to Motown Monday around here…

5 responses to “Donuts and Social Commentary

    • Thanks, gfandme. 🙂

      The egg whites is a great idea. I’d only made homade donuts once before and I used an Emeril recipe. It was really good but at the time I thought ‘this takes too much time when I can just go up to the donut shop and let them do all the work’. Now that my only option is to make them at home I’m going to try to find that recipe for my next attempt.

  1. Very good post and I agree as well. And the donuts look good to me (the non-cook in the family) so, you know, I’ll be happy to taste-test the next batch for you! 😉

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