Rustic Raisin Bread

2013-10-02 22.31.23

2013-10-02 22.00.41 2013-10-02 22.03.37

2013-10-02 22.29.26 2013-10-02 22.31.23

2013-10-02 22.54.01

Cut a slice off for this pic.  See all the air holes?

2013-10-02 22.56.47

The rest of the sliced roll just pulled apart.  I actually like them this way the best…pulled apart and slathered in butter.   🙂  I wish a picture could convey how chewy these are on the inside but so crusty on the outside.

I used the same recipe / process as with the plain rustic bread just added a little extra sugar plus some cinnamon and raisins.  I also didn’t rise it overnight.  I think it rose for about 5 hours…in a really warm room…it was laundry day.

I can’t wait to try this with cheese and chives soon.

4 responses to “Rustic Raisin Bread

    • Thanks, gfandme. I got the idea from the link you posted when you first did the crusty bread. 🙂 She did some mix in’s and I finally got the nerve to try it. I was scared it was going to just make a sticky mess but it didn’t at all.

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