Week in Pics

2013-09-12 19.17.14

This has been a blah week health wise.  I’ve been bruising really bad so I went in today for blood work to test my blood thinner.  I think it’s probably just low iron but have to be sure.

Monday I took the parental unit to the eye Dr for their annual exams.  Ate at Casa.  🙂

2013-09-09 12.50.40 2013-09-09 13.11.27

My usual – cheese enchiladas plus Papa Lupiac wanted to blog his plate too.  Tacos and Chalupas.  🙂

2013-09-09 20.39.25 2013-09-09 20.39.13

Did y’all know the Chewy Chocolate Supreme cookie at Great American Cookie is gluten free?

2013-09-10 13.43.04 2013-09-10 13.43.24

New flour canisters.

2013-09-10 14.16.28 2013-09-10 14.42.56

Still playing around with my own flour mix.  For this one I used Sorghum flour in place of brown rice and made mini banana muffins plus 2 tortillas.

It was fine with the muffins because the cinnamon and sour cream masked the horribleness of the flour.  I couldn’t get the taste of just a tiny bite of the tortilla out of my mouth for hours.

Sorghum flour is definitely not for me.  It smelled like grass and tasted like dirt or something worse.  I can’t believe it is classified as a ‘mild’ tasting flour.  How awful must the strong tasting ones be?

2013-09-11 14.13.21 2013-09-11 14.23.29

2013-09-11 14.43.44 2013-09-11 15.49.33

2013-09-11 20.01.28

Some of the best meatballs I’ve ever made.   I used…

1/2 pound 93/7 Ground Beef

1 Egg

1/4 cup Bread Crumbs* soaked in a

1/4 cup Milk

1 heaping tsp of Gelatin soaked in

2 tbsp Water

Salt and Pepper

Mixed it all up.  Scooped onto foil lined pan and baked at 350 for about 13 minutes.  (These were mini.)

*For the bread crumbs I used ground up Glutino Garlic Parm Bagel Bites.

2013-09-11 19.43.592013-09-11 19.48.52

A couple more crusty Rustic rolls.  Look at the airy holes I got in this one.  🙂

2013-09-11 20.47.50 2013-09-11 20.48.14

2013-09-11 22.29.35 2013-09-12 19.17.14

On Papa Lupiac’s side of the family…I was born on my grandparents anniversary so that meant that I always celebrated my family birthday with them.  Mema always made a red velvet cake.  I was spoiled by 28 birthdays with her delicious red velvet cake.  After she passed my red velvet cake came from a bakery.  Last year the bakery completely messed it up so I wasn’t planning on going back there anyway but now that I can’t have wheat flour I will pretty much just have to make my own cake.

So last night I pulled out 3 little mini round pans and mixed up a small batch of cake batter to try.  It was good but not delicious so I will have to keep experimenting to perfect it to gluten free.  Of course by the time I finish testing mini batches I probably won’t even be in the mood for the actual cake next month.

2013-09-12 11.53.55 2013-09-12 12.21.14

The usual at Gringo’s after blood work today.  🙂

Let’s go with this Friday Night Football kinda tune for todays song.

Hope y’all have a good weekend.  🙂

2 responses to “Week in Pics

    • Thanks, gfandme. 🙂

      Of everything I’ve made gluten free the rolls are still the biggest surprise. Each time I open one up I still can’t believe something can turn out both crusty and chewy in gluten free form.

      Now if I could just manage to make both rolls the same size. 🙂

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