National Grandparents Day

I was so fortunate to have three of the very best and I miss them more than words could ever say.  🙂

Meme Christening

Meme holding me on my Christening day.  Notice the bright pink outfit.  I would bet money she was wearing some bright purple and green shoes to complete the ensemble. 😉 

Mema and Pappy Christening

Mema and Pappy on my Christening day.  Mema on the other hand would have never worn bright green / purple anything.  🙂 

National Grandparents day was started by a lady named Marian Mc Quade as a way to call attention to the lonely elderly living in nursing homes.  She wanted to encourage children to visit their grandparents and to listen to their life stories.  President Carter enacted National Grandparents Day in 1978.  In the US it is celebrated annually on the first Sunday following Labor Day.

If your grandparents are still with you send them some love today.  Visit them if you can.  Listen to them whether you can be in the same room with them or not.  That’s all they ever really want…time with those they love…but especially the grandkids.  🙂

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