Just Arrest Me Now ;) ~ Weekend Roundup

Hope y’all had a good weekend.  🙂  Mine included some good eats and a little drama.

2013-08-31 07.48.30 2013-08-31 23.58.48

Rum Cake and Potato Salad.

2013-09-01 14.59.01 2013-09-01 15.43.05

Chopped BBQ / Potato Salad / Pintos / Chips / Dip / Strawberry Crush.

2013-09-02 15.10.55 2013-09-02 15.55.34

A massage…some Tex-Mex (forgot to take pics).  Plus some end of summer shopping…new kitchen scale (finally) and some clothes.  (Did some online shopping too so no pics yet.)

2013-08-27 16.01.46 2013-09-02 20.40.14

Last Strawberry Island Breeze and Homemade Ice cream of the summer.  😦

Moving on to the drama portion of the weekend and the title of this post…

warning…this is babble-y and will probably really only interest family and friends 🙂 

Sunday night around 8 I realized I needed to run to Walmart to pick up some Fruity Pebbs for the homemade ice cream on Monday.  First I swung by Sonic to get one last summer Island Breeze.

Now two things you should know about me and cars…

1.  Ever since my blood clot…when the Dr told me I needed movement throughout the day…I always park away from doors and walk.

2.  I’m one of those people who no matter where I am going or how late I might me running… I’ll still sit and listen to a favorite song if it’s playing on the radio.

So I get to Walmart.  Park two spaces away from the last car on an aisle and my current fav song starts playing.  I’m sitting there drinking the Island Breeze and listening to the song…paying absolutely no attention to anything going on around me.

The song ends and as I start to get out of the car THREE cops are walking towards me and one of them says “Get out of the car, ma’am.”  Now remember, y’all I live in rural route.  We probably only have FOUR cops on duty at any given time.  THREE of them are in the Walmart parking lot harassing me.

I was like what the heck is going on?  And one of them says “Are you with the people in this car?”  (Again the closest car was EMPTY and two spaces over.)  I said no that I was just coming to get some Fruity Pebbles.  Yes, I happily own that.  A second cop says “Why were you sitting in the car?”  I told them I was listening to a song.

I was starting to get pret-ty mad and wanted to tell ’em that if sitting in the privacy of your own car listening to a song and minding your own dang business is a crime now they might as well lock me up…preemptively  😉  but I didn’t.

At this point they started to realize they had the wrong person / car and the third cop walked to the back of the car, looked at the license plate and then started over apologizing…saying they made a mistake…they were very sorry for scaring me…blah blah blah.

Really?  Y’all couldn’t have checked the plate BEFORE approaching me?  Junk like that is why people dislike you. 

As they were walking away I asked if something bad was going on in the store…I mean I needed some Fruity Pebbs but maybe I didn’t need ’em bad enough to walk into a shootout or anything super bad. 😉

They said no it was safe to go in and they left.

Left the store.

So let me get this straight.  Something big enough to require three of our four cops is going down.  It may or my not involve an empty car sitting in the parking lot.  And the cops just leave?  What the heck?

I was upset / a little bit shaken but I then I though…oh well you did get some blog fodder out of  this 😉…and decided to go in.

When I got in the store people were all gossiping about what went down but no one seemed to know.  One person seemed to think it involved a stolen gun…but I didn’t think Walmart sold guns anymore?   (We were all asking various employees what was going on but they wouldn’t answer.)

I still don’t have a clue what was going on but let me tell y’all something…in the end I was way more upset over that cop calling me ma’am than anything else.  😉

Hope y’all had a less eventful long weekend…and enjoy the short week.  🙂

Oh, what’s that you ask?  What song where you listening to, Jennifer?  Well that would be Night Train of course.  🙂


5 responses to “Just Arrest Me Now ;) ~ Weekend Roundup

  1. That made me laugh! I have (jokingly) thought about filing a complaint against the maintenance guy in my neighborhood for calling me m’am. Out of everything you described, that is what I would be most upset about, too!

    • Thanks, jjm. 🙂 I think as a culture we really need to start training males not call women ma’am unless without question they look at least 80 years old. 😉

      (I know it’s a respect thing…especially in my part of the country but still annoying.)

    • Yes the doors were locked. 🙂 They automatically lock. It was scary but I was mostly confused and annoyed. You know me though it’s amazing I didn’t lose it and go into Jennifer ‘lawyer’ mode. 😉 I hope Heidi reads this. She’s usually up on all the town gossip maybe she’s heard what was going on.

      • Well, let me know if you find out what was going on! 🙂 Thank goodness you didn’t go into lawyer mode and get arrested!!!! LOL! Love you 🙂

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