Gluten Free Rustic Bread, Y’all


I swoon.  🙂  And wish I had a real camera. 

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I used to make No Knead Bread all the time when it was first the rage but then I moved on to other stuff and had completely forgotten about it until gfandme posted her version last week.

The only Le Creuset pots I have are either the small French onion soup bowls I used today or large pots.  From experience I knew I didn’t want to go too large or you risk the dough spreading out and looking more like focaccia than a roll.  I was going to just use a casserole dish but then I got scared that it might not be able to handle the high heat.

As I was reading the recipe again I saw where gfandme said the finished bread would be about the amount of 4 rolls so I decided to pull out these small bowls and just make two.

I used 2/3 of her recipe…because I only wanted to use 1 cup of flour incase it didn’t work.

Besides cutting the amounts down the only other changes I made were using Cup4Cup for the flour and in place of 1/4 cup of water I used my water roux.

I couldn’t have been happier with the results.  I would have never believed this would work gluten free.  It was crusty and crispy on the outside but super chewy on the inside.

I loved the size of the smaller individual rolls so much that next time I make this I will increase the amount of dough…divide it into small rolls and then cook them all in one of my larger LC pots.

I used most of mine to sop up the gravy from this meal…

2013-08-28 20.19.43


…but really the bread was the total star.  🙂

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