Five Things Friday

Since I’m just now today trying to introduce soft solids (don’t have any food / blog worthy pics or stories to share) I decided to do a ‘getting to know you’ type post today.  No pics just words.  If that’s not your thang…I hope you have a really good weekend…and the Friday summer song is at the end of the post.  🙂

I think my blog makes it pretty clear that my biggest passions are cooking and music and that my family is the most important thing in the world to me.  So for this I’m doing …five random things that would probably never make it into my day to day writing.

1.  When I was little (like 4ish) I wanted to be a meat market lady when I grew up. 

My Meme owned a beauty shop that was attached to her house.  One of her friends / customers (Sally) worked at the little meat market around the block.  Sometimes she would bring our meat order with her to her appointment and sometimes we would walk to the market to pick it up.  She would let me behind the counter and would let me pick up the meat and put it on the paper.  Can you image a business letting a kid do that today?

I was so fascinated with the big rolls of butcher paper.  At home I’d gather up the largest brown leaves I could find in the yard plus some rocks then I would make Sister Lupiac play Meat Market.  I’d ‘wrap’ up her ‘order’ of rock ‘meat’ in my leaf ‘butcher paper’.  Of course her ‘order’ was just whatever I told her to order.  She’s two years younger than me and it’s really a miracle she never actually tried to eat the rocks or the leaves.  🙂

2.  I have two post grad degrees and still manage to say some of the ‘dumbest’ things. 

For example one day I was on my way to renew my drivers license.  I got to the the location only to find it had moved.  I called home…from the car…on my cell…to ask if anyone knew where it had moved.

Mama Lupiac:  I don’t know do you want me to look it up?

Me:  No that’s ok I’m going to have to stop and find a phone I’ll just ask them for directions.

Mama Lupiac:  What do you mean find a phone?  How are talking to me right now?

There are far too many similar exchanges to count but this is Mama Lupiac’s fav…so here’s another chance to laugh about this one, ML.  🙂   

3.  I lettered in football in high school.  🙂 

I was one of the first female managers for my high school football team.  The grandpa of a curent NFL QB was our coach.

I’d loved football from a really early age and in 7th grade read a story in Seventeen about a girl manager for her highschool team somewhere in Wisconsin.  I decided right then I was going to do that when I got to high school…and I did.  🙂

4.  I am ridiculously passionate about music.  But more than that I can hear a song and tell you exactly where I was when that song was playing at some point…what I was wearing…the weather…who else was there and sometimes what they were wearing too. 

I know this isn’t special and most people do that with songs that are important to them.  I do it with songs I’ve heard once or even songs I don’t even like.   Earlier today…cue the TV show Dallas theme song – hardly a song that should evoke great emotion or a trip down memory lane.  When I hear that I’m instanly 6…at my Aunt S’s and she’s teaching me to eat ham / cheese and potato chip sandwiches (chips INSIDE the sandwich).   Thank you so much, Aunt S for that life long addiction.  🙂

Again, nothing super special but certain people in my life think it’s a parlor game kinda talent.

(Also some people are probably reading this right now and wondering if I’m 90 and what the heck a parlor game is?  Young’un’s, it’s like gaming but with everyone in the same room instead of hiding behind computers or TV screens.  😉 )

5.  I am a HUGE anglophile

I just know I was meant to spend a winter living in a London flat on the Thames just once in my life.  🙂  Hunter Green Wellies / Black Riding Pants / Knee length Sweaters…OK maybe fashion wise I was meant to do that in the mid-80’s but still  🙂 …

I love love love all things UK.  The love affair started when I was about 8 and my Mema bought herself a small new color TV for her bedroom and gave me her old little black and white.  I took it home and put it in my room but without cable all it would pick up was CBS and PBS.

Back then the only way we got any BBC programing was from PBS on Saturday nights.  I got addicted to reruns of old BBC shows.   I was definitely the most ‘cultured’ elementary school student in Rural Route South TX.   Then came Princess Diana /all things Royals /  Def Leppard / Duran Duran / George Micheal and later, Nigela.  Coupling will forever be one of my most favorite TV shows ever produced…anywhere.  And today I have a London proxy account so I can access British content online.

Bonus ‘getting to know you’…to address an email I recieved.   I write this blog for myself.  I write it for my family and friends who have shown nothing but overwhelmingly positive support.  I write it for my readers…current and future who might take some meal inspiration or just comfort in hearing from someone suffering similar health issues.  I value all feedback but this space is and will always be a reflection of me…not what someone else would like me to be.

So to the person who felt the need to take time out of their no doubt busy day to let me know that all the smilies I use here are quote “f—ing stupid”…

I’m so sorry you feel that way.  🙂   I drew smilies on every letter I ever wrote long before computers.  I love smilies.  It shouldn’t bother you that I do.  If it does then you shouldn’t waste your time reading something that annoys you so.  🙂

But if by some small chance someone has a gun to your head and is forcing you to read this space then by all means type ‘salsa’ five times and I’ll call 911 for ya.  😉

So there you have it…five random things.  How bout y’all?  Any fun random things you’d like to share?  Or just wanna make fun of mine? 

Only two more summer weekends left.  Enjoy (and please eat something cruchy for me)  🙂


7 responses to “Five Things Friday

  1. Awesome post!! Sister Lupiac doesn’t remember playing meat market, but since I was two, not a surprise! And since I’ve always followed your lead and did what you said, again, not surprised I ordered what you told me. 🙂
    P.S. I LOVE the smiley faces and your response to the jerk who emailed you was great!
    And to that jerk — you mess with my sister, you mess with me. And I’m much meaner than she is! So go away and find someone else to bother.

    • Thanks, SL. 🙂

      No need to get ‘mean’ though. I laughed when I read the email but still wanted to put it out there so people would know this is my space and my ‘style’ isn’t up for debate. 🙂

  2. Love the stories! They mean a lot! I often get caught up in such a busy schedule with the kids and work. Then I stop and read your post after a crazy weekend, and it brings a smile to my face! Hope you are feeling better!

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