Whinesday Wednesday (tooth update)

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2013-08-20 13.48.56

Chicken Broth, Milkshake, Mashed Potatoes and Gravy.


Kathie Lee and Hoda have Winesday Wednesday so I’m gonna go with Whinesday Wednesday today.

I’m not really whining as much as just in doped up pain but the tooth extraction has been worse h3ll than I ever imagined.  From the extraction itself which included the appearance of what must be the dental equivalent of the jaws of life and a Dremel mini sander…to what the dentist called a giant infection…to non stop bleeding for 13 straight hours…this hasn’t been a great experience at all.

I’m in pain / doped up on Vicodin, antibiotics and steroids / and hungry.  I’ve been eating nothing but what you see above and all I want in the world is some Cream of Wheat.  😦   Gluten free is hard everyday but it’s especially rough when you’re sick.

One good thing from all of this is that I’m in love with the gluten free gravy I came up with for the mashed potatoes.  It’s a cross between chicken gravy and white cream gravy.  🙂

So anyway that’s the tooth update and to change the mood let’s switch from teeth to ears as I leave y’all with some more summer ear candy.  🙂

I don’t know if anyone else associates this song with summer but I always will.

The True Blue record (Papa Don’t Preach / Open Your Heart / True Blue / Live to Tell / etc) came out the summer before my sophomore year of high school.  I obviously couldn’t drive yet and I remember Mama Lupiac stopping at K-Mart and I went in and bought this cassette the day it came out.  Then she let me listen to it the whole hour and a half drive to visit the grandparents.  A huge deal considering to this day Mama Lupiac’s choice of music is old school country stuff.  🙂  This was pre CD’s so you had to manually rewind a song to listen to it again.  Over the course of that summer I think I wore out the section of tape containing this one.  (Oh and I wanted Mo’s red dress from the video so much.  🙂 )

Hope y’all are having a wonderful Wednesday.  🙂


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