Chicken Fried Motown Monday

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OK, y’all if I was happy with last weeks tortillas…I was dancin’ an Irish Jig over this meal.  🙂

This is Texas.  I think you can go to jail for not eating chicken fried steak at least once a month.  😉

More importantly I think it’s in my DNA.

I’ve written about my grandma Mema and grandma Meme before and will no doubt write about them many more times during the life of this blog.  🙂

You see this is a food blog and I didn’t learn to cook from the Food network.  I learned at their sides.  Of all my cousins on both sides of my family I was the only one who cared anything about cooking.  While the rest were playing I was cracking eggs or stirring or anything else they’d let me do.  Of everything in my life those moments are the ones I cherish the most.

Meme is Mama Lupiac’s Mom (or Mama as her kids called her).  She was always bright and happy.  She would wear the brightest color clothes you can imagine – whether they matched or not.  😉    She owned a beauty shop and loved that funky lipstick that came in a bright green tube and was supposed to change colors on different people but was really just one hot mess shade of fuchsia.  She cooked many things but her specialties were chocolate chip cookies and chicken fried steak.  We lived right around the corner from her until I was 5 when we moved an hour and a half away.  Every other Friday after school we would load up the car and go back to see her (and Papa Lupiac’s side of the fam).  More often than not she had chicken fried steak / mashed potatoes / gravy / veg / sweet tea…and a fuchsia lipped smile waiting as we walked in the door.  🙂

It was one of the first full meals I learned to cook and a life without chicken fried just isn’t acceptable.

And now it doesn’t have to be.  For the first time in months we had chicken fried (that NOONE could tell was made with Cup4Cup) and white gravy.  The chicken fried was perfect…the gravy still needs a little work (it was a little too thin) but this was hands down my favorite gluten free meal so far.

I am more impressed with Cup4Cup each time I use it.  Since the chicken fried was such a success I’m going to try crispy chicken strips next.

I’m doing much better after my glutening Friday.  I think I’ve decided that from now on when I eat out I’m going to stick to mostly Mexican with the occasional steak house thrown in.  I know…y’all are saying now Jennifer how is that any different from oh I don’t know…the way you’ve eaten your whole life?  Well it’s not.  🙂  But I do like to mix in other places every now and then.  It’s just so hard to eat out with celiac and I’ve decided that to me…Mexican is truly the only thing in the world that is worth accidental glutening.  From now on if I’m going to take the risk of having to suffer for days or all week…it’s going to have to be completely worth it.  And Gringos / Casa you are always worth it.  🙂

Let’s go with some super old school Aretha for Motown Monday.  Hope you’re having a good one.  🙂

(If there are any other hard core music freaks reading this…yes I know Aretha was never technically on the Motown label but she is most definitely the Motown sound / Detroit to the core.  🙂 )


6 responses to “Chicken Fried Motown Monday

  1. What a beautiful homage to your Meme. I especially liked ” She owned a beauty shop and loved that funky lipstick that came in a bright green tube and was supposed to change colors on different people but was really just one hot mess shade of fuchsia.” I know exactly what you’re talking about!

    • I’m so glad you understood about the lipstick. As I was writing that I wondered if anyone outside my family would know what the heck I was talking about.

      Thanks so much for reading, gfandme. 🙂

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