Three Months Today

It’s been three months since my Celiac diagnosis.

It’s been an interesting process.  Hard and emotional at first but less so now.

At first every.single.time someone around me had a donut or hamberger bun or something breaded I felt sad and really wanted some too (even though I didn’t actually want it at all until I saw / smelled it).

I’m not going to lie and say I don’t still want some of that stuff but now my mindset seems to have shifted to one of ‘This is just the way it is now.  You can’t have ___ so move along to something else.’

I’m enjoying creating gluten free eats and I’m actually finding that some things taste even better gluten free.  For example anything with spices.  The spices really shine through when not bogged down in a wheat flour base.

It’s still super hard for me outside of the house but I’ve got home cooking / eating down.

This week also marks three months of juicing.  I still can’t believe I juice – and like it.  Over the last 2 weeks I’ve even cut down on the ‘flavoring’.  I was adding way too much Da Vinci (sugar free) flavored syrups to mask the spinach taste.  For the last 2 weeks I’ve only been adding a 1/4 of what I’d been using.  My goal is to get to a place where I can drink it straight with no additional flavoring at all.

Anyway thanks so much for joining me on this crazy / maddening / emotional and creative ride.  🙂



4 responses to “Three Months Today

  1. You are doing so awesome! I’m really proud of how gracefully you’ve handled this change. I love you!

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