Friday Find

No food finds this week.  I’ve come down with what feels like a cross between a summer cold and a sinus infection.

I’ve written about my iron / mineral deficiencies before and todays find is related to that.

This is a good magnesium ‘fact sheet’ from the NIH.   It specifically mentions gluten sensitivity as one of the absorption based reasons for needing extra supplementation.  It also mentions how magnesium deficiency can effect other minerals including potassium.

Long before I was diagnosed as Celiac I’d suffered from various deficiencies.  I’ve been taking oral magnesium off and on for years and it never helped at all.  I now know that’s due to the Celiac and until my gut heals I’ll always have problems with absorption.

I recently started seeing people talking about topical magnesium oils and lotions and decided to try one from Ancient Minerals



It’s working.  🙂  I can tell I’m absorbing it topically because it’s helping my joints – particularly my knees which have been nothing but painful and swollen for YEARS from Lupus inflammation.  I’m using the gel and Mama Lupiac is using the oil version from the same company.  She’s got arthritis and she says she can tell a difference too.  I ordered them both from amazon.  It’s messy / oily but you’re only supposed to leave it on 20 minutes to absorb then wipe the remaining oil / gel off.  I’ve been putting it on 20 minutes before I take a shower so I can just wash off the remnants.

I’m not scheduled for comprehensive blood work again ’til the end of September but I can’t wait to see if it shows a difference.   Now if they could just come up with a topical Iron supplement.

Not sure what’s on the menu this weekend. If I get to feeling better I’m going to try one of a couple new treat recipes.

I’ll leave you with some more summer mood music.  Hope it’s a nice summer weekend for all.  🙂


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