“You Look Healthy to me.” UHGGGG

Today I took Mama Lupiac to visit the vampire for some blood work.  (Nothing serious, family. 🙂 )

While waiting another patient started up a conversation about why we were there and about the different people who work in that office.  Since I have to have my blood monitored so much I’m there a lot so I was telling her what I knew about the former worker she was hoping would draw her blood.   She asked how I knew he was gone and I explained about my Lupus and needing to be monitored all the time.  So she started asking me questions about Lupus and says her friend “came down with it” (not enough eye rolls in the world to stick here)  you don’t freakin’ “come down” with Lupus.  I explained that to her and she says she just doesn’t understand it at all and quote “you look healthy to me”.   Now I don’t think she really meant anything specifically to me but she was very much saying / implying she doesn’t really believe anything is wrong with her friend.

Why do people think it’s ok to say stuff like that?  I actually felt like h3ll today.  To have your very real pain minimized because people can’t ‘see’ what hurts…well today it made me wanna deliver a swift roundhouse kick to her head.  Never mind the fact that on a good day I can’t lift my foot 5 inches off the ground much less 5 feet.  (I’m really not a violent person, y’all.  Just being overly dramatic because she really got to me and pre joint problems – kickboxing was my workout ‘high’ of choice. 🙂 )

Anyway we went to Gringos instead.  🙂

2013-07-17 11.28.55 2013-07-17 11.29.11

Green / Red Sauces plus Queso.

2013-07-17 11.39.47 2013-07-17 11.58.59

Refrieds / Ground Beef / Rice / Cheese and Ranchero Sauce.  Plus empty Green Sauce bowl.  Those may or my not be finger streaks in the bowl.  😉  (No I didn’t lick the bowl but I did use my finger to get the last drops on a chip.  Truly, there are no limits to my classiness. 😉 )

Today also brought us something very strange and unfamiliar for a mid July day in South East Texas

2013-07-17 14.05.32 2013-07-17 12.16.17 2013-07-17 12.16.04

Clouds / Rain and 75 degree temps in the middle of the day?  So very confusing.

But definitely cue the best rain song.  🙂

Oh Keith Urban, is it possible for you to be any more perfect?

So how was your day?


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