Weekend Roundup

Hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend.  🙂

Some pics from mine

2013-07-03 15.53.01 2013-07-03 20.14.37

Coconut Cream Pie and Potato Salad.

2013-07-03 20.59.44 2013-07-04 14.18.31

‘Magic’ Mystery Cake.

2013-07-04 15.20.35 2013-07-02 14.22.36

Chopped BBQ Brisket, Pintos / Potato Salad / Onion Dip / Chips / and Strawberry Island Breeze.


Massage.  🙂

2013-07-06 18.22.19 2013-07-06 18.24.28

Mexican at our little local restaurant.  Nachos plus separate little bowls of dips / sauces for me so no cross contamination.  Plus new to us – a mariachi man.  LOVED him.  🙂

2013-07-07 00.41.19 2013-07-08 01.02.09

Orange Crush Float.  Whole unbroken Glutino Crackers – I was starting to think those didn’t exist.  😉

2013-07-07 19.47.27 2013-07-07 20.22.22

Breakfast for supper.  My first attempt at gluten free blueberry pancakes (SO good) plus a Bacon and Cheese Omelet.

One thing that was missing from my week was my green juices.  I’m ready to get back to juicing today.  Last week was just all around awful on the health front – from the glutening to sinus to heat exhaustion I’m ready for a new and hopefully better week.

How was your weekend?


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