Friday Finds and ‘Magic’ ? Cake

Only 2 finds this week

2013-07-03 22.34.38

After I got glutened this week I remembered reading on a celiac message board about people suggesting drinking cinnamon tea for some relief.  It didn’t ‘cure’ me but it did actually make me feel better.  Plus it was really good.  I’ll drink this a lot in the winter time glutened or not.

2013-07-05 19.38.23

I finally found these Glutino bagel crisps.  Where did I find them you ask?  Not at Whole Foods or a large grocery store.  I found them at a little Podunk Wal-Mart the next town over.  You never know where you’ll find gluten free stuff now so it never hurts to check wherever you are.  🙂

‘Magic’ Cake  – not so much a find but a mystery.  🙂

2013-07-03 20.59.44 2013-07-03 21.02.37

2013-07-03 21.11.54 2013-07-03 21.12.27

2013-07-03 21.15.00 2013-07-03 21.16.18

2013-07-03 21.59.34 2013-07-04 14.18.31

So I wanted to make something citrus-y for the holiday weekend.  Since everyone who has tasted the gluten free Dr Pepper cake has loved it I decided to use that recipe but leave out the chocolate and replace the Dr. Pepper with Orange Crush.

As shown above it went in to the oven an orange color and come out – brown?

At first I thought it was just the top layer and it had burnt or something.  But no.  It was brown all the way thru and didn’t taste burnt at all.  It also didn’t taste all that orange-y at first.  After sitting overnight it had a nice orange flavor but it also had a super moist and caramel-y taste too.

I think the sugar must have caramelized.  Any hard core bakers out there – does that sound possible?

Anyway it was really good and I will definitely make it again in the fall but I’m still wanting something summery / citrus-y so look for that soon.  🙂

Hope y’all had a nice / safe 4th and that you’re enjoying the long weekend.  Thanks for reading.  🙂


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