Lesson Learned :(

I got glutened this week at one of my favorite places.   😦

I have to travel an hour and a half away to see one of my doctors.  The best part of the trip is that they have a Casa there.   I’ve written about Casa before.  It’s my favorite Tex – Mex.  They’re a South Texas / Louisiana ‘chain’.  Since the celiac diagnosis I’d eaten at two locations (multiple times) and while they don’t have an allergen menu they were really helpful and told me what would be ‘safe’ and why.  I didn’t have any problems at either location so I just ordered the same exact thing at this third location.  BIG mistake.  😦    Instant. HUGE. Bloating and pain.

Lesson learned.  Even if it’s ‘safe’ in one location that’s not a guarantee that it will be safe in another.

Today I did some pre holiday cooking

2013-07-03 15.51.52 2013-07-03 15.53.01

Coconut Pie for Papa Lupiac.  (I saved me a bowl of pudding since I can’t have the crust.)

2013-07-03 20.03.33 2013-07-03 20.14.37

Potato Salad.  Also made a cake (more on that soon) and got a brisket going (forgot to take pics).

I’m going to close with this pic / suggestion 😉

2013-07-02 14.22.36

A Strawberry Island Breeze slush from Sonic.  Go get one now.  🙂  This is only the second summer these have been around but they are already my most anticipated summer ‘limited time only’ item.  Perfect for these million degree days we’re having now.  🙂

Happy Forth of July.  🙂


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