Weekend Roundup

2013-06-12 14.21.54 2013-06-12 14.24.58

Dump Nachos – Taco seasoned Ribeye / Refrieds / Cheese / Green Sauce and Doritos.  I call them Dump Nachos because I cannot stand soggy chips so instead of putting everything on the chips I layer it on the plate and then put on each chip as I eat.  Prep time is a lot faster too.  🙂

bbq cream soda

Chopped BBQ / Potato Salad / Pintos / Onion Dip and Chips.  Plus the best Cream Soda – Olde Brooklyn Coney Island Cream Soda.

I found it at Cracker Barrel – yes I eat like a repetitive / picky 3 year old and shop like a Grandma.  🙂  I can’t really eat at CB anymore since everything I’d want would be full of gluten but they have a great selection of old school candy and drinks so I’m always picking up something to try.  This Cream Soda was delicious and I’m definitely picking up some more the next time I’m in town.

2013-06-13 15.22.55goldfish

New to me Gluten Free products.  Glutino Lemon Wafer Cookies.  LOVED these.  Plus Goldfish Puffs.  Liked these a lot too especially the Cheddar Bacon version.  They’re kind of like a little fish shaped puffy Cheeto.  I would absolutely buy both of these products again for myself.  The non gluten free eaters didn’t enjoy them though.

2013-06-12 21.36.15 2013-06-12 22.15.29

Fresh batch of Monster Cookies.  A hot cookie on one of my cute mini plates from last weeks shopping trip.

2013-06-16 15.01.28

One of new favorite things – Container of Yogurt / 1 Cup of Almond Milk / Chia Seeds (soaked in this mixture not separately).   I mix it all up with a spoon and let it sit for a couple hours so the seeds gel.  This one was Dannon Light and Fit Greek Orange Cream so I added a couple squirts of Orange Tangerine Mio.   I also love this made with Blueberry yogurt.   These remind me of those liquid yogurt drinks they market to kids but with much less sugar.

I didn’t take new pictures of them but I also had my usual Spinach and Fruit Juices for Greens.  I’m still juicing 5 days a week.

How was your weekend?  Any good eats?


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