Today I thought I’d offer up some proof that I do cook and eat ‘real’ food and not just ‘junk’.

I’ve been wanting some Italian for awhile so one day this week I made what I like to call Béchalfredo sauce and garlic ‘bread’.  The sauce isn’t as thick as a Béchamel sauce but not as thin as Alfredo either.  It’s right in between the two.  The Italian seasoning I used in everything is called Tuscan Seasoning (or Tuscan Bread Dipping Seasoning) from The Spice House in Chicago.  They sell my favorites spices ever.  And they’re good for Celiac’s too because they don’t use fillers.

2013-06-06 13.43.34 2013-06-06 14.16.49

Cream, Butter, Cup4Cup, Chicken stock and Italian seasoning.

Pasta2013-06-06 14.16.58

Awhile back I made this bread and put 2 of the mini loaves in the refrigerator to see how they’d hold up.   I pulled them out for this meal and sliced them in half – lengthwise to make garlic bread

Baked Loaves

2013-06-06 14.00.14 2013-06-06 14.10.21

Butter with Italian seasoning baked for about 5 minutes then topped with parm and mozz and baked again until bubbly.

2013-06-06 14.21.33 2013-06-06 14.36.08

Normally I’d eat this with shrimp or chicken but because of my iron issues I’m trying to really incorporate beef into my meals right now.  I had mine with Italian seasoned beef and the rest of the family had theirs with shrimp.  The pics really don’t do the meal justice. I threw this all together in about 35 minutes.  The bread held up really well too.

2013-06-06 14.56.06 8

Also had – a Spinach, Beet, Cherry, Almond juice plus a Spinach, Raspberry, Gelled Chia juice and a couple of of these cookies.   Made a fresh batch for Papa Lupiac (and Father’s day).  They’re still super delicious.  🙂

Hope you’re getting ready for a nice weekend.  Thanks for reading.  🙂


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