Visit with the Vampire

My fellow Lupies will no doubt relate to todays post.

Today was blood drawin’ day.  😦


Every 3 months I have a comprehensive panel done to see how my disease management is going.

I call it a trip to the Vampire.  Now granted I know nothing about vampires other than the modern day feminist in me wants to cry every time I see a young girl identifying herself with Bella from Twilight.   But since she is imaginary I’ll try really hard to limit my social commentary on that.  🙂   Back to the Vampire.  I don’t even know if a Vampire would suck arm blood or not but since it feels like my phlebotomist takes every drop I have I find Vampire to be an appropriate title.  🙂  Today she had to draw 9 large tubes and one small tube.

It felt like she took every drop I had and to make it worse my blood didn’t want to flow.  She thought I was dehydrated so she gave me a bottle of water and I had to wait 20 minutes to try again.  Then after the draw three other ladies and I almost got stuck in the elevator.  It started making this crazy high pitched whining sound and the doors were rattling.  They finally opened up and I thought we were going to jump over each other trying to get out of there.

I had such high hopes for today when I saw this on the way to the appointment

flowers - Copy

These pretty blue flowers randomly intertwined in some trees.  Yes, I have officially become a ‘blogger’ now.   Stopping to take pics of random stuff on the side of the road just because it seems blog worthy.  🙂

After the blood draw I went to one of my favorite places 59 Diner where I had 2 hamburger patties (to replenish iron) / fries and mayo.

diner diner 2

It’s a local chain of throwback diners.  They have several locations in the area.  Red booths.  Red / Black and White Checkered walls.  Standup Elvis.  Jukebox.

The whole time I was there today the Jukebox was playing quite possibly the second best soundtrack ever – Dirty Dancing.  Can’t argue with a little Cry to Me as background sound for lunch.  🙂  I was there a while back and this cute little couple – probably in their 70’s – started doing The Twist when the song played on the jukebox.  It was adorable.  I was also there once when a crotchety old dude screamed at the workers demanding they turn down the jukebox because quote “This isn’t a damn honky-tonk”.    Uhmm no, dude it’s not.  It’s a throwback diner.  You want quiet – go to the library.  🙄

I did a few errands while I was in town then capped the trip off with a Vanilla / Sprinkles Milk Shake.

milk shake

So it was a mixed bag today – drama with the blood draw followed up with some good grub and music.   How was your day?


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