Weekend Roundup

Gluten Free Weekend Eats

Cake 13 2013-06-01 19.27.02

Dr. Pepper Cake (More pics and recipe tomorrow)


Refrieds Tostada

Homemade refried beans and homemade chalupa shells.

Chalupas2013-06-01 15.10.24

Chalupas and Mini Cherry Chocolate Blizzard

Juice Beets Juice Beet Banana

Spinach, Cherry, Almond, Beet, and Celery Juice plus a Spinach, Banana and Chia Juice.

2013-06-01 00.41.02 Chicken Comp

Fried Chicken.  🙂

I cook many things but never fried chicken or pork chops.  Those are Mama Lupiac’s wheel house.  She uses something called Golden Dipt for her breading.  It’s a seasoned flour mixture you add water to then soak your meat overnight.  Then re-dip in the dry flour mixture prior to frying.  It makes the most crispy chicken I’ve ever had.

She was going to be making chicken this weekend and asked if I wanted to try to come up with something similar with my new flour.  I seasoned up about a 1/3 cup of Cup4Cup with Garlic and Onion Powder plus salt and pepper then added just enough water to make a coating dip.  She soaked the chicken overnight then dredged in dry Cup4Cup before frying.  It was SO good.  🙂

She fried mine first while the oil was still clean / safe and then kept it warm in the toaster oven so it wouldn’t be exposed to the other flour while she fried the rest of the chicken.  She’s so sweet.  🙂

It looked and tasted just like ‘real’ crispy fried chicken.  On Saturday I asked if you could tell which was real and which was gluten free? 

Chicken Comp

The four nuggets on the left are Cup4Cup.   The four on the right are Golden Dipt.

(Yes we eat our chicken ‘nugget’ style like 3 year olds.  😉 )

Another great week of gluten free eating in the books.  It’s getting easier and easier.  🙂


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