Day Trip to the City

Today I went into the Houston area with Mama Lupiac.  I was kind of hungry  after my juice day so I started the day with a Whataburger hamburger patty and cheese in the car.  It was good but it was no Egg McMuffin or donut.   (Dang you little fried ball of dough and sugar Will I pine for you forever?)


We went into town for some meds so after we finished with that we went to Gringo’s (oh how I love you Gringos Green Sauce)

Gringos Gringos 4

Fajita meat in Ranchero Sauce with Rice and White Corn Tortillas.  Plus Green Sauce and Chips.

Gringos 2 Gringos 5

Queso and our To-Go bag.  🙂

Gringo’s is my go-to Tex-Mex in the area of town we shop (but not to worry Casa you will always have my heart and soul) so after the Celiac diagnosis I contacted them about gluten free options.  They were so nice and said that while they don’t specifically have a gluten free menu the Houston Celiac Support Group had reviewed many of their items and came up with a list of safe options.  They sent me the list and pretty much everything I already ate was safe.  They listed the refried beans as ‘questionable’ but didn’t define why.  I make refrieds at home probably once a week and couldn’t imagine what would contain gluten so I asked at the actual restaurant.  The manager there is really great and told me it’s just beans / water / lard / garlic and onion powder  – he even checked the labels to be sure.  I’ve had them several times and have never had a reaction so I don’t know if it was a typo or what.  But as with everything – know your own body and make choices accordingly.  🙂

After lunch we went to the larger grocery store we shop at in town and I picked up two new-to-me gluten free items to try

Glutino Cheddar Vanilla Cookies

Glutino Cheddar Crackers and Shar Vanilla Creams.

I LOVE the crackers.  I would eat them even if I had the option of eating wheat crackers.  They’re really crispy and taste kind of like a less cheesy / less salty Cheezit.  The only thing I don’t like is that the box contains two of the foil packets of cracker and not one cracker was whole.  Every single one was broken in some way.  That’s fine for home eating but what if you needed to serve them, Glutino?  These make me excited to try the Glutino Bagel Chips which I’ve heard are really good too.

As good as the crackers were the cookies were that much worse and then some.  I’ve had Shar pasta products and really like them so I thought these would be the same flour.  Wrong.  I HATE soy flour / protein.  I didn’t read the back of the package well enough and they contain soy flour.  Even if they’d added a ton of sugar and vanilla I think I’d still be able to taste the soy.  Yuck.  The texture was pretty good though so I’d probably try it again if they removed the soy.

So that was my day.  Have you tried any new-to-you products that you really loved?


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