In the Immortal Words of Meat Loaf

Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad  🙂


In honor of the unofficial start to summer let me introduce you to my beloved Kitchen Aid mixer, Alto-Janylvia (What? Doesn’t everyone name their Kitchen Aid? 🙂 ) She was a grad school graduation present from Mama and Papa Lupiac. She’s named after the Bay where I spent my childhood summers and a mish-mash of my grandma Jane (mema) and grandma Sylvia (meme) who each taught me how to cook – from basically the cradle. Isn’t she beautiful? (If you like her you’re going to love her sister Carmalita.) 🙂

So yesterday along with Alto-Janylvia I decided to try to make a gluten free Rum Cake. Rum cake is one of my favorite summer and fall treats. In the summer I make it orange flavored. In the fall spice.

I’m guessing probably the most used Rum Cake recipe in the world is the one put out by Bacardi in the 70’s. Y’all know it – cake mix, eggs, rum, water, oil. Hit the breaks right off the bat there though if you’re gluten free since cake mix is wheat. Unless you get a packaged GF cake mix which I’ve heard works fine for the Rum Cake recipe. Problem is I don’t like the taste or texture of soy / millet / teft or any of the ‘healthier’ gluten free grain subs usually found in the packaged stuff.  Plus I’m already in the middle of  a pretty serious love affair with Cup4Cup.

So what’s a girl to do when she’s gotta have her rum? I mean really she can’t have beer or malt beverages anymore. How else is she supposed to drown her GF blues?

Well this girl makes her own cake mix. 🙂

Plain GF Cake Mix

10 oz Cup4Cup
1 1/2 cups Sugar
1 TBSP Baking Powder
1 tsp Baking Soda
1/2 stick softened Butter

(I always bake with salted butter so I don’t ever add salt. If you use unsalted I’d add some salt to the recipe but I don’t have a recommendation for a specific amount.)

Put dry ingredients in mixer bowl. Drop in chunks of butter.

Turn on mixer and let it run until the butter is distributed and looks soft / crumbled like a cake mix.

Then I just followed the rest the Bacardi recipe

1 small package instant Vanilla Pudding mix
4 Eggs
1/2 cup Water
1/2 cup of Rum
1/2 cup of Oil (I use melted butter)
1 TBSP Orange Extract

Mix 1 – 2 minutes until blended smooth. Pour into oiled bundt or tube pan.

2013-05-24 19.48.37 2013-05-24 19.48.16

2013-05-24 19.52.03 2013-05-24 19.51.55

Bake at 325* for about 50 minutes. (I started checking mine at 40 minutes.)

Let cool. Poke holes (I use an ice pick.) Then drizzle straight Rum over the cake or make drizzling sauce.

Drizzling Sauce

1 stick Butter
1 cup Sugar
1/4 cup Water
1/2 cup Rum
Vanilla or Extract to taste (I used the rest of the orange extract.)

Bring butter, sugar and water  to a boil and cook for about 3 – 5 minutes depending on how thick you want your sauce. I do it for about 4.  Then SLOWLY add rum and extract.  Drizzle on cake.  Let ‘set’ up for at least a couple hours before cutting.

Now here’s how I get creative with it. I actually over beat my Rum Cakes (4 minutes total) so that they sink. I know. Generations of bakers everywhere are rolling over in their graves right now but it’s true. It was an accident that turned out to be delicious. When it sinks the cooled cake looks like this

2013-05-24 21.01.34

Instead of putting pecans in the bottom of the pan and baking them INTO the cake like you ‘normally’ would I put chopped up pecans all around and IN the sunken ring after baking THEN pour drizzling sauce over it. You end up with a sugary / goopy ring of deliciousness. It looks pretty for presentation too.

I didn’t have much faith in this cake turning out and I forgot to get pecans so this is where we cue Meat Loaf – ‘I want you…I need you…Ain’t ever gonna love you (without pecans)’.  🙂  The taste and texture were amazing. Even Papa Lupiac is eating it.   All that’s missing is the pecans. Pecans next time for sure, Meat-y and no doubt we can cue a little Paradise By the Dashboard Light. 😉

2013-05-24 21.47.17 2013-05-24 21.46.51

Thanks so much for reading my little blog.  And a super big ‘thank you’ to my sister for sharing the blog with her friends and to them for checking it out.  🙂

(Just for the Record: Meat Loaf is not the music of my youth or anything…I’m not that old…just a big time lover of all things music. 🙂 )


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