Why Must You Tempt Me, Summer Oreo?


Why oh why does food have be so firmly planted in our cherished memories?

When I think about Christmas I don’t see presents – I see and smell my late grandma’s kolaches and Monkey Bread (real Monkey Bread – not that caramel-y junk they call Monkey Bread now).

When I think about my other grandma I see her funky fuchsia lipstick smile and smell her chocolate chip cookies (to this day still simply called by all ‘meme cookies’).

This is my first holiday weekend faced with gluten restrictions and the loss of many summer holiday traditions. No rum cake (I’m going to try to recreate this using Cup4Cup but we’ll see how that goes). No white bread sandwiches / burgers or hot dog buns. No homemade banana pudding (no flour for the pudding and of course no Vanilla Wafers). And maybe saddest of all – no summer themed Oreo’s. 😦

I’m a strange girl when it comes to Oreo’s. I can take or leave the plain ones. Themed Oreo’s on the other hand not so much. I look forward to them all – spring, fall, Christmas but especially the summer blue. Love ’em. Today at the grocery store I almost shed a tear as I reached to grab a package then realized I couldn’t. So dumb I know but I guess that’s what I’m now faced with ’til I get used to the restrictions. Mini ‘breakdowns’ all over the grocery store. I sure hope I don’t end up on People of Walmart in the middle of a full meltdown. I think I’ll start dressing a whole lot better just in case. 😉


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