Lupiac = a mishmash of Lupus and Celiac Disease.

Hi, y’all.  I’m Jennifer a newly diagnosed celiac sufferer.  I also have Lupus.  Living with Lupus is hard enough and I was devastated by the celiac news.  I took a few weeks to mourn the loss of beloved foods and then decided to start a blog so I’d have a place to channel my thoughts.

I want this space to focus on living with the disease and not really on the medical side.  As time goes on I’m sure I’ll comment on medical stuff too but the main focus will be on adapting to cooking (and eating out) with my new restrictions.

To start with I’m not going to obsess over possible cross contamination issues.  I’ve already eliminated all obvious sources of wheat/barley/rye.  I won’t eat anything that says it DOES contain those ingredients but I’m not going to obsess over the MAY contain products.  I’m aware that there may come a time when I have to worry about those items but for now I’m going to focus on the obvious and adjust when/if I need to.

I live in a small rural area of Texas with one grocery store and a Wal Mart.  Gluten Free products are hard to come by here so for those specialty products I will have to rely on shopping trips into a larger town and online shopping.


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